Photoshop filters Log

Commit Date  
[c033de] by jim0watters

Update Photoshop plugins to have new dialog with options for

2008-01-16 08:16:12 Tree
[9be1ae] by jim0watters

Update plugins for static linking to pano13

2008-01-05 05:11:56 Tree
[7c9a40] by jim0watters

Add unchecked in files

2007-12-31 05:08:17 Tree
[ed05d7] by jim0watters

Initial update of filters to merge with pano12 version. Able to create dynamic and static linked with pano13

2007-12-31 05:04:10 Tree
[68cdf8] by brunopostle

Initial revision

2005-04-18 22:51:37 Tree