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libpano13-2.9.14 released

This release adds a number of new input and output projections, a new command-line tool, documentation, cleanups and bugfixes.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2009-05-24

libpano13-2.9.14_beta1 released

This is a beta release for bug testers.

New projections supported: equisolid, panini, multi-plane projections, orthographic, mirror, architectural.

Lots of minor bug fixes and probably some new bugs.

Licenses clarified.

Basic man pages for most of the command-line tools.

New tool PTAinterpolate replacement for PTInterpolate.

Posted by Bruno Postle 2009-02-05

Five google Summer of Code students accepted

The following projects are scheduled for completion by August 31 2007:

Pedro Alonso from Spain, mentored by Herbert Bay from Switzerland, will develop a new algorithm to identify better control points, so critical to the stitching process

Ippei Ukai from Japan currently in Scotland, mentored by Yuval Levy from Israel currently in Canada, will produce a new user interface to make this versatile tools even easier to use on multiple platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix)... read more

Posted by Bruno Postle 2007-04-12

Panotools participating in Google Summer of Code 2007

Hugin and panotools are participating in google Summer of Code 2007, where students are paid by Google to work on hugin and/or panotools and mentored by experts in the field.

Some suitable projects are listed on the panotools wiki:

The deadline for student applications is 24th March 2007. Application details can be found here:

Posted by Bruno Postle 2007-03-15

libpano12-2.8.4 released

This is a test release, it contains many small bugfixes, some new features and lots of internal rearrangement.

So please test this release and report any bugs, the next stable release will probably be 2.9.0.

Changes since 2.8.3

* Many bugfixes and optimisations for using 'Cropped TIFF' output with PTmender (Max Lyons and Daniel M. German).

* Better exit codes on failure (Max Lyons and Daniel M. German).... read more

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-06-16

libpano12-2.8.1 released

This release contains many small bugfixes and a number of useful new

Changes since 2.8.0

Four new projection types have been added (Pablo d'Angelo)

* Stereographic (use f4 in the 'p-line')

* Mercator (use f5 in the 'p-line')

* Transverse mercator (use f6 in the 'p-line')

* Sinusoidal (use f7 in the 'p-line') read more

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-05-07

libpano 2.8.1 rc2 release candidate

Testing is required for the next release of libpano12:

There are tar.gz and zip versions of the sourcecode, plus a zip archive containing compiled win32 versions of pano12.dll, PTOptimizer.exe, PTmender.exe, PTblender.exe, etc...

Please report:

* Any failure to compile
* New features that don't work as advertised
* Old features that are now broken
* Problems interacting with existing applications
* Anything else that seems a bit fishy... read more

Posted by Bruno Postle 2006-05-03