On 2011-02-13 3:31 PM, Yuval Levy wrote:

On February 13, 2011 02:11:24 pm Jim Watters wrote:

> On 2011-02-13 1:13 PM, Yuval Levy wrote:

> > @Jim: do you have access to "hg view" or something similar in

> > TortoiseHg?


> No to both. But the web view works. It is a little strange, at first I

> thought my changes got added to the libpano branch.

do you have the web view locally, or can you see only after pushing to SF?

Only on SF.

the advantage of hg view is that you can see before pushing, and prevent much confusion.

To activate hg view in Ubuntu I had to edit ~/.hgrc - I don't know where that file is kept on Windows. Add the following:

hgext.hgk =
by default there is no ~/.hgrc but it is worth to have it.  Then it is overriden by .hg/hgrc inside the your repo clone.
At the moment, mine looks like the following:

slog = log --template '{rev}:{node|short} {desc|firstline}\n'

ulog = log --template '{rev}\t{author|person}\t{desc|firstline}\n'


convert =

hgext.hgk =

hgext.graphlog =

transplant =

rebase =

hgext.extdiff =


cmd.kdiff3 =


kdiff3.args = $base $local $other -o $output


username = Yuval Levy <yuv@users.sourceforge.net>

verbose = True

The [ui] part is probably better left for the individual .hg/hgrc as it may change from repo to repo.

TortoiseHg can manage Extensions using the User-Global Settings dialog.
It is just a matter of checking off the ones you want.  But there is very little description of what they do.
I checked off graphlog "command to view revision graphs from a shell"

hg glog  produced an ascii log on the command line.  Not very helpful.

In TortoiseHg - "Repository Explorer" shows a graphical view.  This is very useful.   This works even after I disabled the extentions I experimented with.

IMHO it would make sense to branch out release from libpano like we have been doing with Hugin for a few cycles now. Free bonus: it's all already documented [0], at least for command line / Linux.


[0] http://wiki.panotools.org/Development_of_Open_Source_tools#Release

I still have more to learn before I want to attempt to do that.  Maybe in a few days if it is not done.

Jim Watters