On 2011-01-16 7:45 PM, Thomas Sharpless wrote:
The main purpose of this message is to ask you all to think about how best to control such an option.  I first thought that perhaps one of the 4 'correction modes' presently defined might be taken over for this purpose -- if there is one that is never used -- since that mode value is what is presently used to select the radial normalization factor.  Those are:
    correction_mode_radial = 0,
    correction_mode_vertical = 1,
    correction_mode_deregister = 2,
    correction_mode_morph = 4
This is tested bitwise in several places, so it would be unsafe to use the value 3, 5, or 6.
Internally I think we could expand this enumeration.
radial, vertical, and deregister are mutually exclusive.
morph and portable would be additional flags.
correction_mode_portable = 8

Both vertical and deregister are normalized on the height of the image.  Think of a equirectangular image created by rotating a camera fisheye lens and only capturing a single line of pixels at each interval.
Could vertical and deregister mode also take advantage of a portable mode?

Jim Watters