I need some serious help with the PanoTools library pano13.dll. I am a high school student in an internship trying to do some camera work (I know nothing about cameras by the way). I have compiled the pano13.dll library and am using it in a C++ project so that I can generate panoramas with it using a provided list of images a client program will provide to it. I am having a problem where the function called panoCreatePanorama in the pano13.dll file does not appear to be working properly. I use the program PTGui to create the PTMender/PTStitcher script file so that I can use the PanoTools library to stitch together images generated by the camera assembly into a panorama. However, whenever I plug in the image paths, script name and output file name into the panoCreatePanorama function, it appears to work as the function returns 0 but generates a panorama that is missing all images except the last image. How can I fix this?

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