it may well be overkill to get the calibration part working, but i wasn't sure
if it was even possible to do. I plan on using 2 cameras and about 3 different
lenses with it.

well atleast i know that its worth looking into it more.



On 10/26/06, Bruno Postle <> wrote:
On Wed 25-Oct-2006 at 19:19 +1000, Chris Erskine wrote:

> so I've now started looking into building a motorised panoramic
> rig that i can control with this same script. I'd like to use
> either 2 or 4 motors on it, with 4 would allow me to adjust the
> nodal point of the camera from the script.

Building a machine to find the no-parallax point sounds like
overkill to me - It is fairly easy to find manually, and doesn't
move around once located.  Do you plan on using lots of different
cameras with this rig?


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