Hi James,

A german friend of mine that I met traveling mentioned doing something like this for his bachelor's thesis.  The link below should be his thesis (I googled for it).  I can't read german, so I'm not sure of the contents (although the title seems to suggest its about panoramic videos). I think he used panotools as well, however, we never talked in detail about it the conversation we did have was over a year ago now so its not fresh in my memory. Anyway, his name is Jan Brune. I don't have his email, but do have him on facebook, so let me know if you need to get in direct contact with him.



2009/12/10 Jim Watters <jwatters@photocreations.ca>
D M German wrote:
>  James> As part of my PhD work I'm creating a program that automatically
>  James> processes multiple video streams into panoramic images.  I'm in the
>  James> process of checking libpano for suitability.  The first problem is I
>  James> need the library to:
>  James> a) Accept images already held in memory
>  James> b) Process and return an image held in memory
> No. The current model requires images to be stored in disk.
Most of the current tools do read from disk, but the PhotoShop plugins
uses memory.
The mpremap tool works with streams, but only one stream at a time.

Look at how mpremap uses the insertImage function. or the plugins use
the Adjust function.
It is a matter of setting up the adjust structure correctly.  You can
assign these values, read a settings file from disk, or read a script file.

Jim Watters


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