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I agree with Dan German, you will  be much better off to use the Panotools programs rather than try to build an app directly on libpano.  There is no way we could teach you how to do that,  indeed I for one could not build such an app today.  But  the PanoTools command line programs are very capable of doing anything you might want -- that is what they were made for.   Using a language such as Perl or Python to generate control scripts and call the PT progtrams, I would think you could reach your goal.  The PanoTools Wiki has some information on this, and Bruno Postle's collection of Perl scripts has many excellent examples of using PanoTools for all kinds of purposes -- highly receommended.

Good Luck,
-- Tom

On Fri, Nov 2, 2012 at 12:52 AM, Nkosi Dean <nko12@comcast.net> wrote:
I need some serious help with the PanoTools library pano13.dll. I am a high school student in an internship trying to do some camera work (I know nothing about cameras by the way). I have compiled the pano13.dll library and am using it in a C++ project so that I can generate panoramas with it using a provided list of images a client program will provide to it. I am having a problem where the function called panoCreatePanorama in the pano13.dll file does not appear to be working properly. I use the program PTGui to create the PTMender/PTStitcher script file so that I can use the PanoTools library to stitch together images generated by the camera assembly into a panorama. However, whenever I plug in the image paths, script name and output file name into the panoCreatePanorama function, it appears to work as the function returns 0 but generates a panorama that is missing all images except the last image. How can I fix this?

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