I have a probelm...I am interested to create a software..(just a simple one with few features) that is able to join 8 pieces of jpeg photo and create a panoramic view. I did read and dloaded many of the PanoTools, PTStitcher etc but i nothing seem to be working. Coz what i dont understand is I already build the fundamentals application in C# similar like Huggins...but i dont know what happens when the "align button " is pressed...what is the concept behind it.. is there any sourcecode where i can get from the tools library and use it in my own program? i even tried buildiung with "build with GNU autotools." method but it keeps giving me the error "nothing can be done with install" when i try to type "make install" for pano12.
if there is sample or u could let me how to even get started it will be very much appreciated. what i need to do if i want to take the 6 pieces of jpeg and join them to make one panoramic photo...
please help me


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