OK, works so far, when outputting to screen only.

however this line gives a messed up file:

 ./testparser testFiles/84-84bw.pto > 84-84bw.txt

and the command line above is not in the terminals history?

Also what does one need this for PTOptimizer when there is autooptimiser?


Not sure if the 84-84bw.txt messed up file content makes it.
This is was it looks like on my screen:

⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣⌣ਣ‣呐灏楴業敺⁲捳楲瑰‬牷瑩整祢瀠湡牯浡⁡慰獲牥瘠牥楳湯〠ㄮਰ瀊映‰㙷㄰‷㙨㄰‷㍶⸲〰〰〰渠吢䙉彆㩣婌≗ਊㅧ〮〰〰‰ど映‰ね瀠⸰〰〰〰ਊ⁩㑷㠰‰㑨㠰‰て瘠ㄳ〮㘸㤵‹ひ瀠‰べ吠塲‰牔す吠婲‰ち戠‰っ搠‰づ朠‰ぴ ⰰⰰⰰ‰≮㐸樮杰ਢ椊眠ㄴ㘱栠㤵㌰映‰㉶⸲㤱㤵㤹爠〭〮㘶㜱‷⵰⸰〱㜸㐶礠⸰〳㔹㈸吠塲‰牔す吠婲‰ち戠‰っ搠‰づ朠‰ぴ ⰰⰰⰰ‰≮㐸睢樮杰ਢ瘊瘠ਰ⁶ㅰ瘊爠਱⁶ㅶ瘊礠਱੶⌊䌠湯牴汯瀠楯瑮ੳ挊渠‰ㅎ砠ㄳ㐹〮〰〰‰㉹㜰⸴〰〰〰堠㘳㤴〮〰〰‰㉙㠹⸵〰〰〰琠ਰ⁣の丠‱㉸㐱⸳〰〰〰礠〲㈵〮〰〰‰㉘㔱⸳〰〰〰夠㤲㈵〮〰〰‰ぴ挊渠‰ㅎ砠㐲㔸〮〰〰‰ㅹ㠹⸷〰〰〰堠㘲㜳〮〰〰‰㉙㘸⸲〰〰〰琠ਰ⁣の丠‱㉸〴⸵〰〰〰礠㜲㘰〮〰〰‰㉘㈵⸲〰〰〰夠㠳㌷〮〰〰‰ぴ挊渠‰ㅎ砠㤱㠰〮〰〰‰㍹㈱⸴〰〰〰堠㠱ㄱ〮〰〰‰㑙㜴⸱〰〰〰琠ਰ⁣の丠‱㍸ㄴ⸰〰〰〰礠ㄲㄵ〮〰〰‰㍘㘹⸳〰〰〰夠〳㠹〮〰〰‰ぴ挊渠‰ㅎ砠㈳ㄷ〮〰〰‰㍹㐴⸶〰〰〰堠㜳㜵〮〰〰‰㑙㌹⸳〰〰〰琠ਰ⁣の丠‱㡸㌵〮〰〰‰㉹㔴⸳〰〰〰堠〳⸷〰〰〰夠㔳ㄲ〮〰〰‰ぴ挊渠‰ㅎ砠㈱㜳〮〰〰‰㍹㜵⸴〰〰〰堠㐸⸲〰〰〰夠ㄵ㔴〮〰〰‰ぴ挊渠‰ㅎ砠㌷⸲〰〰〰礠㈲㌰〮〰〰‰ㅘ㜲〮〰〰‰㍙㔱⸹〰〰〰琠ਰ⨊ਊ

On Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 10:06 AM, dmg <dmg@uvic.ca> wrote:
Try the following:

 cmake CMakeLists.txt
 ./testparser testFiles/84-84bw.pto

Thanks for the pointer to the 'j' variable.


Daniel M. German

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