On Wed, Jan 26, 2011 at 3:40 AM, D M German <dmg@uvic.ca> wrote:

hi everybody,

Probably many of you will agree that a move to a DVC is needed. This
will help manage the new features that we are planning at the same time
as integrating the testing framework that resulted from the previous GSoc.

Today I spend a good amount of time reading about mercurial and git, and
I decided that git is more adequate for the way that libpano is being
developed. And since I know more about git than hg, I prefer it.

I am currently in the process of migrating the history of libpano into

would anybody object if I do the move (of only  libpano, not the other
modules). The bare repository will be hosted by sourceforge.


I'm not a fan of progress for progress' sake; but if you think migrating to git would make maintaining libpano work better, so be it.

Are you talking about both libpano12 and libpano13, or just the latter? 

This seems like good opportunity to formally drop support for the legacy panotools (I mean the  closed source and Java based ones, and the PT plugins) if we haven't already done so.   I think those modules could reasonably be frozen at the current libpano12 level (or indeed a much earlier one).  That would make it a bit easier to introduce new features such as portable lens calibration, that are useful for panography but might break some of the original panotools.

The current open source suite, which targets only panography,  needs to be kept current with libpano13, IMO.  So I wonder if it should not also migrate to a new DVC.

Regards, Tom