2010/9/2 Bruno Postle <bruno@postle.net>
A libpano13-2.9.17_rc1 (first release candidate) tarball has been
uploaded to sourceforge:


This is a 'release candidate' so the final release may be identical.
There have been some minor updates since 2.9.17_beta2:

* Fixes for building on solaris

* Include some Visual C related files in tarball

SHA1SUM: 5ec9acf6e09beced9d4f181a99612fd364ad9183  libpano13-2.9.17_rc1.tar.gz

This release is equivalent to SVN -r 1295

Here is the ChangeLog since 2.9.17_beta2 for more details:

2010-07-24  brunopostle

       * [r1289] optimize.c: Fix for build on Solaris (Robert Campbell)
       * [r1288] Makefile.am, configure.ac, tools/Makefile.am: Fixes for
         building on Solaris (Robert Campbell)
         Note this is for autotools not cmake

2010-07-06  brunopostle

       * [r1283] Makefile.am, tools/Makefile.am: Add some visual c related
         files to the tarball (Aron Helser)



The rc1 compiles and cross-compiles OK on OSX. I'm currently using it in the gsoc testing. i will use it for the next hg dev build.