I think Yuv is right that libpano13 should more properly live in an hg repository than a git one. 

Indeed, it should be in the Hugin source tree.  It is a big dependency of Hugin and of no other large project I know of. The open source commandline tools based on it belong there too.  They are a valuable part of the Hugin distribution, and should be built automatically along with Hugin.  

As I said, I'd favor "pickling" libpano12 and all its apps in their present state and location (after, perhaps, some work on the build systems so that anyone who wanted to could reliably build them).

-- Tom

2011/1/26 Yuval Levy <sf05@sfina.com>
I am OK with either git or mercurial, just please no bazaar.

That said,

On January 26, 2011 08:48:47 am Thomas Sharpless wrote:
> I'm not a fan of progress for progress' sake

+1, and I don't have the impression that SVN has hit a ceiling (as it did with

> The current open source suite, which targets only panography,  needs to be
> kept current with libpano13, IMO.  So I wonder if it should not also
> migrate to a new DVC.

If we are talking compatibility:  beyond panotools, please consider that both
Hugin and Enblend are on Mercurial and that Hugin depends on Libpano.  A
single tool, while not critical, would facilitate life for the many of us who
are working on Hugin and depend on Libpano.

I am not sure how Windows support for git is.  Mercurial was chosen for Hugin
because of better Windows support.  This might have changed in the meantime.

Whatever you do, I support.  Please make sure that the information on the
panotools wiki is updated, and inform people on the hugin-ptx mailing list.


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