Hello everyone,

I am trying to get my IDE (Eclipse) to allow me to debug Panotools and have followed an approach I found here:
to create Eclipse .project files from Cmake by adding some flags to the cmake commands given here:

From the command line, there are 3 steps:
1. Cmake ...
2. make package
3. sudo dpkg -i libpano13-*-Linux.deb

My approach does steps 1 and 2 from within Eclipse (creates the makefile and package) but does not do step 3.  Of course, the executables (such as PTmender, etc.) aren't created until the package is installed (with the command sudo dpkg -i libpano13-*-Linux.deb).  Is there any way to install the package by altering CMakeLists.txt?

Has anyone had success in setting up Eclipse or another IDE to debug Panotools or a similar project?  Any advice would be appreciated.