Thanks, Jim

I now mainly use CMake to generate new VC projects for building on Windows.  Yours are still usable too; however using them marks them all in SVN as modified, so I have to exclude them from the SVN commit list.  The CMake system also supports a proper INSTALL project, that can be kept in sync with the needs of hugin.

I did notice a continuing Java dependence in the CMake build: it wants to build PTAinterpolate, which calls a function (rewritescript() or some such) that is defined in a java-dependent file.  So I just exclude PTAinterpolate from my build.  I don't know what it is for, but if anyone needs it, it looks to me as if the offending function is actually independent of Java and could easily be rewritten in a Java-free form.

Regards, Tom

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 12:51 AM, Jim Watters <> wrote:
Thomas Sharpless wrote:
> Hi Jim
> I just downloaded the very latest panotools trunk (SVN 1221) and
> notice that the Java SDK (i.e. jni.h) no longer is required to build
> with VC.  That is welcome; but I'm puzzled how it came about.
PanoTools had a NoJava option for a while but never ready created a
version without Java.  When I created the VS project files I created
configurations for Java and NoJava, for creating a DLL and a Static
library, for CMD line version and GUI version.  I then simplified
everything and removed many of the configurations.  The thought was that
if PTPicker or PTEditor ever get built again they should include the
Java.  By the time I actually uploaded the project file I forgot about
what was changed and having all the sections in the file rearranged,
made doing a diff very difficult to reveal the changes so they never got
added to any log file.

Jim Watters

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