Hi All

I should emphasize that I've made several correlated changes in panotools and hugin in the last couple days, so you must update & install libpano before building the current hugin.  I don't plan any further changes in libpano, but am still debugging so might post some bugfixes.

Regards, Tom

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 6:17 PM, Thomas Sharpless <tksharpless@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Bruno

I don't think we should rename anything in the panotools tree.  I am satisfied with using INSTALL to create the directories hugin wants, and have committed both  libpano and hugin build script updates for that.  They work fine together on Windows and are not supposed to be visible on Linux or OSX.

So if you get no build problems on Linux I would guess we can consider this problem resolved.

I prefer this way because it decouples the hugin and panotools tree structures completely; their build systems share only the special panotools install directory, which no other package need ever see.

BTW it is still necessary to download panotools starting at trunk/libpano if one is going to use the CMake script to build it in the hugin SDK.  It would be
nice to add a CMakeLists.txt in the trunk root that makes that unnecessary.

Best, Tom

On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 7:35 AM, Bruno Postle <bruno@postle.net> wrote:
On Fri 15-Jan-2010 at 20:14 -0800, Tom Sharpless wrote:
>At present, to build hugin it is necessary to copy headers and
>libraries from the panotools build tree into a different directory
>structure.  That is because many hugin files use the form #include
>"pano13/xxxx", and there is no such directory in the panotools tree.
>The corresponding directory is called panotools/libpano.
>It would be better to use the panotools tree, as built, to build
>hugin.  The simplest way to achieve that would be to change the name
>of panotools/libpano to panotools/pano13.

You can rename the folder, or just check it out like this:

  svn co https://panotools.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/panotools/trunk/libpano pano13

I'll update the instructions on the web-page.

Though running `make install` should put all the files you need for
linking in a 'pano13' folder somewhere.

We could rename the folder in SVN to pano13, but this would only
work because we don't have a src/ subdirectory.  When I initially
set all this up I neglected to put the code in src/ - We still have
this unfortunate mess where all the files are in the root of the


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