Hi Daniel et al.

I have finally got the inverse calculation for panini_general working correctly, now it gives images identical to recti when d = 0 (hcmpr parameter = -100) and identical to equi_panini when d = 1 (hcmpr = 0); and matches Panini so closely over the whole range of d that I can't see any difference (identity not claimed).

It seems my fears about the scaling of distanceparam were unfounded.  The true hFOV equals the nominal one over the whole range of hcmpr.  

So panini_general can be considered a working panorama projection now.  But not yet tested under hugin.

I have committed the source changes.

Regards, Tom

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:56 AM, Thomas Sharpless <tksharpless@gmail.com> wrote:
Hello PT developers

While trying to get hugin to display the new general panini, I noticed a kluge that we should address.

Hugin decides for itself whether the vFOV of a given projection is adjustable (fovCalcSupported() in PanoramaOptions.cpp) and worse, uses its own private list of projection type names to do it (enum ProjectionFormat {} in PanoramaOptions.h).  There is commented out code that suggests it once expected libpano to supply this information; evidently that did not work.

We need to make the legal ranges of both FOVs queryable projection features.  Probably should also supply a fn to compute the max feasible FOVs for specific projection parameters.

I have added PANINI_GENERAL to the copy of hugin I'm testing with; but I would much prefer to have
a correct libpano-based solution before releasing.

Regards, Tom

On Fri, Jan 1, 2010 at 8:41 PM, D M German <dmg@uvic.ca> wrote:
 Thomas Sharpless twisted the bytes to say:

 Thomas> Hi Daniel
 Thomas> I put in 3 parameters and Hugin takes them OK.  But it returns them rounded to integer values.

this sounds like a restriction of hugin. The parameter sliders must be
programmed using integers, not floats.

A quick hack that will allow you to continue your work is to divide the
values in the sliders by 10 (specify 20 instead of 2) and then divide in
your code by the same factor.

yes, a hack, but at least you can keep working...


 Thomas> -- Tom

 Thomas> On Thu, Dec 31, 2009 at 12:08 PM, D M German <dmg@uvic.ca> wrote:

   Hi Tom,

    Tom> Hi Daniel
    Tom> I'm trying to set up to test my revised general pannini code in libpano, and need some guidance about
   how projection parameters get passed to/
    Tom> from hugin.

    Tom> First, I don't quite understand this code in queryfeatures.c

   QueryFeatures was built as an interface to hugin. Hugin will use it to
   know how many projections are supported, their field of view and any
   parameters needed. Look at the albert conic projection for an example of
   one with 2 parameters.

   This way Hugin dynamically adjusts to the features of libpano without
   having to be recompiled.

    Tom>     features->maxVFOV = 179;
    Tom>     features->maxHFOV = 359;
    Tom>     features->numberOfParameters = 1;
    Tom>     features->parm[0].name = "d";
    Tom>     features->parm[1].name = "phi2";
    Tom>     for (i=0;i<2;i++) {
    Tom>            features->parm[i].minValue = +0.00001;
    Tom>            features->parm[i].maxValue = 10e10;
    Tom>     }
    Tom>         break;
    Tom> If there is just one parmeter, why do you intialize two of them?  What is phi2?

   A "cloning" error. I just copied the code from the Albert. I should have
   removed that line, and adjusted the for loop accordingly. I'll do that
   right now.

   As I mentioned before, queryfeatures is code that is not used inside
   libpano (I think it should, for verification of parameters, but it is
   not currently).

    Tom> How is the size of parm[] set?  What do I have to do to add two more parameters?


   I said yesterday it was equal to 2. I was wrong, it is currently equal
   to 3. I am not sure how hugin sets it.  So to add two parameters you
   don' t need to do anything, just start using them in the projection. And
   set them in the script, of course "P<val1> <val2> <val3>"

    Tom> Second, are any source changes needed on the hugin side, or can I 
    Tom> just relink a several months old build of hugin against this
    Tom> pano13.lib?

   I'll check for the maximum number of parameters with the hugin
   people. Maybe yes,  maybe not (the only problem is how the maximum
   number of parameters is set).

    Tom> Happy New Year,  Tom

   Happy new year!

   Daniel M. German
   dmg (at) uvic (dot) ca
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