Hi Daniel

I am very happily using your MSVC projects to build libpano for testing, but one thing puzzles me:  pano13.lib always gets fully rebuilt, even if just one source file (or even no files at all) have been altered.  I thought I knew MSVC pretty well, but for the life of me I cannot figure out what is making it act like that.  Do you know?

Still wrestling with the inverse general panini code and the math on which it is based.  But should have it working soon.  Using PTmender for most tests, as you suggested.  The hugin fast preview is nice, but there is a problem with vFOV decreasing every time it updates.

Have patched a few things in libpano, e.g. parser would not accept 3 params, setMakeParams would post negative distance param (which causes an endless loop in rotate_equi()), ....  Will commit those along with general_panini.

Regards, Tom