My 2 cents

I'm against obscure (or even non-obscure) command line parsing packages.  What's wrong with just writing the code yourself?  It's probably not as hard as figuring out how to use some tricky package, and plain code is much easier to understand and port.

You do want to suport Unicode file names, so you have to use a Unicode string library.  But that's all.

Regards, Tom

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 5:12 PM, Bruno Postle <> wrote:
On Thu 01-Oct-2009 at 13:19 -0700, Daniel M. German wrote:
> Bruno> Don't you mean popt?  libopt is really obscure and not even found on
> Bruno> any Linux distributions as far as I can tell.
>Libopt supports ~/.<config> files, which is a nice addition, other than
>that libopt and popt are sort of equivalent.

libopt has been abandoned, there has been no activity in seven
years.  There is an actively developed libopt which is something
else altogether:

There are no released files in the download area, if I want a
tarball I have to download from CVS:

There is no license, the Makefile doesn't support any compiler
options and will need to be rewritten.  This thing is unpackageable,
I don't know how it got into debian but it certainly won't be
accepted into fedora.

>libopt It is currently available in debian (and ubuntu) and FreeBSD
>ports. But not in fedora11.


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