Hi Kornel

I don't think that it is feasible with MSVC to build both static and dll libraries at once; so I have added a variable LIBPANO13_TYPE ("shared" or "static" to select one or the other.  With this I can build a static libpano13 OK, however it turns out that the target name has to be "pano13" rather than "pano13a" otherwise the linker does not find the library (directory problem, name is OK).

However, as it stands the tools still do not link correctly -- none of the image format libraries or getopt is seen by the linker, and the following are also undefined (whose source I don't know): _htons@4, _CenterDialog, _SetWindowOwner, _wndOwner, _hDllInstance

So the script and / or source tree still needs some work to build on Windows.

Regards, Tom

2009/9/20 Kornel Benko <Kornel.Benko@berlin.de>
Am Sonntag 20 September 2009 schrieb Thomas Sharpless:
> Hi Kornel
> Please do commit the change to allow building static libpano; I will try it
> on Windows.
> Regards, Tom

Did it.


Kornel Benko

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