One more thing.  How does one build a static library with the present CMake script?  We need one for Hugin, and on Windows the DLL is not yet even buildable.

-- Tom

On Sat, Sep 19, 2009 at 12:54 PM, Kornel Benko <> wrote:
Am Samstag 19 September 2009 schrieb Thomas Sharpless:
> Hi Kornel
> The new install command that works on windows is
> >                        ARCHIVE DESTINATION lib${LIB_SUFFIX}
> >                        RUNTIME DESTINATION bin )
> I copied this from a discussion on the web.  I guess the RUNTIME
> DESTINATION is where a dll will go.
> I have tried this version on Ubuntu and no problem, so will commit.  But
> first I shall update as it seems there is a lot of activity on this file
> now.

OK, I wait for your commit, then will try with ubuntu.

> I have also inserted a Windows-only line that sets the install prefix to
> "${CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR}/INSTALL/FILES" which is what the Hugin script
> does.  With this you can make a mock installation for testing.  But I have
> not tested that yet as I can't build on Windows yet.
> As for the other problems:
> Making Java optional is possible, my original CMake script in fact worked
> without it.  But it could only build libpano13 that way, of course you need
> Java to build the PanoTools.  And it only built the static library, as
> required by Hugin.  I don't know if that is still feasible with the current
> script, but will try when I get back to Windows

Yes, worked, but there must have been something latelly. Because, before I started to change
things, I got this unsatisfied externals.
(The only change I had at that time was STATIC -> SHARED)
I got errors at link stage, not at creation of the library.

> Making a Windows DLL is probably also feasible, but needs some work on the
> .def file and an alternate .def for the Java-free option.   Not a top
> priority for me.
> Regards, Tom



Kornel Benko