Hi Bruno et al

I have committed a CMakeLists.txt for building libpano13 (only)  in a Hugin build environment.  Support for the Java tools is optional (that is much easier now due to someone's sensible repackaging -- only have to exclude the utility modules).

It works for me with the Hugin Windows SDK and MSVC9.  I have not tested the option to include Java support, and don't intend to.  Will test on Ubuntu soon.

Regards, Tom

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 8:54 PM, Thomas Sharpless <tksharpless@gmail.com> wrote:
Hi Bruno

On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 3:28 PM, Bruno Postle <bruno@postle.net> wrote:
On Sun 02-Aug-2009 at 13:09 -0400, Tom Sharpless wrote:

I would have to tweak the optimizer interface to stack functions in libpano
a tiny bit  to integrate the universal lens model.  If Hugin's optimizer
connects to remapping stacks built by SetMakeParams() (adjust.c) then this
ought to work with Hugin's optimizer too.

If you think of someone who is familiar with these things, let me know.

Pablo is the only one who has done both the hugin and libpano13 part of this.

I'll ask his advice, then.

BTW I have been accustomed to build "Hugin's own" libpano13 with Cmake, but
there are no Cmake scripts in the trunk at panotools.sourceforge.  Is there
a chance to bridge that gap?

It's all auto-tools still.  You are welcome to patch it.

Is the panotools source the same used in Hugin, or not?

There isn't a copy in the hugin source, if you have one probably you put it there when you set up your tree.

It is beginning to come back to me that that is exactly what I did, when experimenting with straight line CP optimization (never got a good result).  I set up the Cmake scripts to build only libpano without Java support, and get the image file format libraries from the Hugin SDK (i.e. wxWidgets).  That let me build a static link library with and for MSVC.  I guess it would not be terribly hard to extend the scripts to build the whole panotools suite, but I would not be surprised to encounter some compiler incompatibilities -- MSVC is a good deal pickier about language standards than Gcc is.

If the rest of the panotools developers are willing to help out with testing & resolving any issues, I'm willing to try to add a full Cmake build system. This would almost certainly expect that you are set up to build Hugin, which the Makefiles do not, so might not be useful to all who want to build Panotools.  But would be a helpful alternative for people who do build Hugin. 

I don't suppose it would hurt to put my "non-Java libpano13-only" Cmake scripts up right away (as soon as I test them against the current source, that is).

Regards, Tom