Hi Bruno

On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 5:23 PM, Bruno Postle <bruno@postle.net> wrote:
On Tue 28-Jul-2009 at 10:40 -0400, Tom Sharpless wrote:
>The most direct way to improve PT's coverage would be to define two new
>source image types, equal-area fisheye and stereographic fisheye.  The ideal
>functions are already in the library, so it would just be a matter of using
>them for those source image types.

I'm pretty sure that Jim Watters added these to libpano13 before the
2.9.14 release:

    * Some new input fisheye projections have been added: Mirror (f7),
    Orthographic (f8), Stereographic (f10) and Equisolid (f21).

Can Hugin select those, or does it take a custom PT script?

I guess I was looking at outdated source.  Those projections were there, but not  available as input image projections.  Having downloaded the current SVN trunk I am in a position to be better informed.  But still not to build, I am on a different machine from the one where I last built libpano, and it lacks libtiff and those infernal Java headers.

I'm pretty well along with a universal "calibrated lens" projection and will add it to libpano when it works (testing in calibrate_lens first).

Regards, Tom