Thank you for your reply.

I have decided to take the next step of the feature detection, that is feature matching.
I will write a proposal for "Automatic feature matching for panoramic images", because think the second phase is as important as the first one.

I know SoC is not a competition. It was a mistake.

Kind regards,

On 3/21/07, Ippei UKAI < ippei_ukai@mac.com> wrote:

I'm not really in the position to say anything about your application
especially as to its degree of technicality (I'm a student applying
for another project), but I think there is another student applying
for this particular project proposal. I'm not saying you shouldn't
apply for this one or anything like that, but there might be a better
chance you would get assigned to a task if you applied for a
different proposal (feature matching instead feature detection
maybe?). Of course, you can always apply for two projects.

I got the template for application on the following page: http://

The coordinators and mentors encouraged me to use the wiki to work
out the details of projects that go on my applications, (which I did
on the separate page as you could check out). You might have to work
out the page organisation if there are two students applying for the
same project though (I think 'work out' is a good word 'cuase that's
what opensource projects and wiki are usually like).

Oh, by the way, probably just a mistake but I believe the Summer of
Code isn't a competition. Hope we can help each other rather than
compete with each other.


On 2007-03-21, at 14:15, Alexandru Paler wrote:

> Hello,
> My name is Alexandru Paler and I am student from Romania, starting
> this semester as a master student at FH Wiesbaden, Germany.
> I would be interested in participating in the Summer of Code
> competition this year. Due to the lack of time I had until now
> (preparations needed for the trip to Germany) I just recently
> started to write the application docs.
> I am writing you this email because I would like to apply for the
> "Automatic feature detection for panoramic images". There are some
> questions I want to ask.
> I would like to get assigned for this project. So I need to write a
> good documentation. Is there a template recomended?
> The literature links provided on the wiki are useful. Does the
> documentation need a scientific or a more pragmatic direction?
> Thank you,
> Alexandru Paler
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