Ok, I will try to make a patch to the svn code, but by now I'm going to finish porting the *.tar.gz version to FreeBSD with some more tests. I have to use this version to do the port, as it is more easily downloadable by the freebsd port system.

In fact, the only 2 patches I have made were the configure one, putting "freebsd*" on the "case" statement and a patch to change sys_X11 to sys_ansi in some files. Another thing I had to do was setting CPPFLAGS variable so that some include's could be found.

Thanks again!

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Em Qui, 2006-08-31 às 11:46 +0100, Bruno Postle escreveu:
On Wed 30-Aug-2006 at 23:19 -0300, Carlos Eduardo wrote:
> Bruno, are you the one with whom I can talk to make some changes 
> part of the original code, making life easyer on future versions?

Patches are welcome, you should send them to the list or you can 
send them to me or one of the developers.

I noticed that you are using CVS, we switched to SVN recently - The 
code for pano12 hasn't changed much snce then.  Instructions for 
checking out the code via SVN are at the bottom of the sourceforge