As some of you may already know, I have developed a faster version of pano12.dll. Speedup is usually at least 5x, but it will be slower if using morphing: I am still working on it. You can find a test version at
Since I prefer to mantain compatibility the new version does not have any speedup by default. At the moment the speedup is activated by an external text file that has to be present in the images folder. I did so because I was not able to find a way to do it using the stitcher script.
Jim Watters has been so kind to explain me how to do it, so now I want to modify the code so that it is possible to activate the speedup in the PTStitcher script.
I think that there are two ways to do it:
I think that this will not have a great impact to users, since both solutions can be easily implemented in the graphical front-ends, but I would like to know which solution you prefer, so that I will implement it.
Thank You
Fulvio Senore