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libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[8c9294] (PhotoshopPSB) by dmg dmg

added jim to credits of PTtiff2psd

2011-03-04 05:53:16 Tree
[755c1f] by Jim Watters

Add panoCreateLayeredPSD

Create a PSD file from a bunch of tiffs in one go without inserting each layer
one at a time.

2011-03-02 04:17:54 Tree
[774168] (libpano) by dmg dmg

removed compiler
warnings. Patch submited by Guillaume Rousse.

2011-02-20 21:25:27 Tree
[704614] by Jim Watters

New versions of files that now should end with LF only

2011-02-15 01:06:40 Tree
[879cca] by Jim Watters

Update Location of 64bit libs

2011-02-13 05:31:39 Tree
[127413] by Jim Watters

Add Local definitions LocalDefs to 64bit projects

2011-02-13 01:41:12 Tree
[b22ddb] by Jim Watters

Make projects multicore friendly by using differnt folders for temp
files that may conflict.

2011-02-13 01:22:04 Tree
[c2996d] by Jim Watters

Update to VS 2010

2011-02-10 20:49:06 Tree
[611e65] by Jim Watters

First sweep of the Photoshop PSD code at add PSB.

Enable PSD functions to be also capable of PSB read and write.
Builds with a couple resize warnings that need to be corrected.
Completely untested.

2011-02-10 20:46:25 Tree
[89bcc3] by dmg dmg

Added commnad line options to PToptimizer. It can now write to other files.

2011-02-11 19:08:57 Tree
[a2b35f] by dmg dmg

fixed conflic

2011-02-04 05:45:18 Tree
[9394f9] by dmg dmg

I am in a mess with hg

2011-02-04 05:41:06 Tree
[681838] by dmg dmg

untabified PToptimizer, since I am going to start hacking it

2011-02-04 01:32:07 Tree
[8ce2b4] by brunopostle

Fix powerpc command-line tools endless loop #3082342, debian #599092 (Andreas Metzler)

2010-10-06 19:31:06 Tree
[cadbf4] by brunopostle

Changes to visual C project files to find 64bit wxwidgets (Aron Helser)

2010-09-09 22:02:36 Tree
[013a64] by brunopostle

Add some more MSVC files to the tarball (Aron Helser)

2010-09-07 20:53:33 Tree
[3293a4] by brunopostle

Fixes for building on Solaris (Robert Campbell)
Note this is for autotools not cmake

2010-07-24 21:23:50 Tree
[38b45f] by brunopostle

Add some visual c related files to the tarball (Aron Helser)

2010-07-06 23:23:47 Tree
[56c6be] by tksharpless

MSVC projects updated
1) add property sheet LocalDefs.vsprops to define local environment symbols for all projects. Can be edited in MSVC to suit your system. Only one there now is WXWIDGETS_HOME.
2) exclude PTAinterpolate from builds, as it references writeProject() in ptpicker.c, which is already excluded from libpano.
3) correct puntuation in the linker properties for PTuncrop.

2010-01-13 19:40:05 Tree
[26c4fa] by jim0watters

Update the Visual Studio projects and solutions
Resolved issue of libpano always recompiling all files even when no source files changed.
Resolved issue of builds use the same names for temporary files, this causes a file in use error on a multicore machines.
Add pano13.lib as a dependency in the tool projects

2010-01-05 22:14:03 Tree
[712610] by brunopostle

Put tools/compat_win32/ files in tarball

2009-12-27 22:24:55 Tree
[86e5f5] by dmg

Added name of projection, which I forgot to do yesterday. Added assertion that verifies I donot forget in the future

2009-12-27 17:50:45 Tree
[ab0eb1] by dmg

rebased changes from Jim, except ansi_sys.c

2009-11-12 04:12:26 Tree
[322508] by dmg

Went too far in revert, reverting revert of 1120

2009-11-10 22:45:39 Tree
[5136a5] by dmg

reverting to revisions 1118 due to compilation errors

2009-11-10 22:33:19 Tree
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