libpano13 Log

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[117fcb] (3.2 kB) by jim0watters

ColourBrightness.c, file.c, hdrfile.c, main.c, parser.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, tiff.c pttiff.h : Fixed many possible memory leaks with libpano.
PTblender.c, PTmasker.c, PTmender.h, PTroller.c: Fixed many possible memory leaks for the tools.

2009-10-08 02:48:06 View
[169b84] (3.2 kB) by brunopostle

patch fixes implicit declaration warnings, which may lead to
crashes. patch #2163691 (Stanislav Brabec)

2009-02-05 00:06:31 View
[ebced6] (3.2 kB) by jim0watters

removed warning suppression from MSVC project builds
swept many files to remove compiler warnings.

2007-12-28 23:52:18 View
[1efbe6] (3.1 kB) by dmg

2006-12-26 dmg <>

* tiff.c (panoTiffDisplayInfo): Fixed compilation warning

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.7.

* math.c: Cleaned up some of the Lambert related code.

* tools/PTblender.c: Improved error message

* ptfeather.c: Improved the feathering algorithm, made sure 16
bits works too.

* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h (panoStitchPixelChannelSet): Added function,
cleanedup panoStitchPixelChannelGet.

* metadata.c (panoImageBytesPerSample): Added function.

* tools/PTmasker.c (main): If one file is specified feather it,
otherwise do nothing.

* tiff.c, pttiff.h: (panoImageDispose): Disposes properly any
memory used by the Image data structure.

* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, PTcommon.c: replaced
myfree( with panoImageDispose.

* filter.c (panoMetadataFree): Set pointers to null once they have
been released.

2006-12-18 dmg <>

* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): The function had a limit of 256
bytes to print, and anything longer created a run time error. I
have changed it to deal with any lenght.

2006-12-27 07:29:10 View
[c88b14] (3.1 kB) by dmg

2006-10-28 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre14

* tools/PTtiff2psd.c: Add -f force processing option. Cleaned up.

* file.h: Added a field to specify if forced processing in panoTiffUncrop

* tools/PTmasker.c: Moved functionalty to create stitching masks
into this program (from PTroller and PTblender).

* tools/PTroller.c (main): Cleaned up options, added the option
for force processsing.

* tools/PTmender.c (main): Removed all functionality from it.

* tools/PTblender.c (main): Cleaned up options. Added the option -f
for force procesing

* file.h, file.c (panoFileExists): Added function.

* PTfile.c, tools/PTblender: Refactored function

* tools/PTcrop.c: Reindented. Cleanup options. Replaced -o with -f
to be consistent

* tools/PTcrop.c: Cleanup options. Replaced -o with -f

2006-10-28 20:48:25 View
[b3969f] (3.1 kB) by dmg

2006-10-28 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre13

* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h (panoStitchPixelChannelGet): Upgraded
this function to non-static, since it is useful in tiff.c too.

* pttiff.h, metadata.c, metadata.h, tiff.c: implemented cropping
of tiffs to boudning rectangle

* tools/, tools/PTcrop.c: Created program to crop panos
to bounding rectangle

* tools/PTuncrop.c (main): Fixed bug: return zero when success, and non-zero
in error.

2006-10-28 18:03:33 View
[19ae87] (3.0 kB) by dmg

2006-10-26 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre11

* Support for cropped images that do not contain full size. We
assume the full size = croppped size + offset

* tools/PTtiffdump.c: Cleaned up compilation errors.

* tiff.c, PTcommon.c (panoTiffUnCrop): Moved function from
PTcommon.c, renamed it.

* TODO: Updates to reflect current status.

2006-10-27 06:34:41 View
[eab809] (3.0 kB) by dmg

Completed support for metadata in less-used formats, unified readImage and maketemppath, see ChangeLogs

2006-07-30 22:00:28 View
[b29ec5] (2.8 kB) by dmg

Finished implementation of metadata preservation in TIFF files

2006-07-11 06:18:08 View
[a72a34] (1.3 kB) by maxlyons

Changes to support "cropped tiff" processing when using colour/brightness correction in PTMender. Changes also allow pttiff2psd to work with cropped tiff output as well.

2006-06-11 17:01:23 View
[6545c7] (1.2 kB) by maxlyons

* Moving uncrop logic from ptuncrop.c to ptcommon.c. Creating uncropTiff function
* Adding uncropTiff function declaration to pttiff.h
* Making cropped TIFF the intermediate format for all processing, regardless of output format. Uncropped TIFFs can be generated, if needed, from intermediate cropped TIFFs by calling new uncropTiff function.

2006-05-30 02:48:54 View
[9b0f3a] (1.1 kB) by maxlyons

changes fix various compilation problems:

* Moved declaration of three functions from ptcommon.h to new ptttiff.h file. * Updated includes in PTcommon.c and PTuncrop.c
* Updated pano12.def and libpano12.def to include the same, latest, exports

2006-05-29 18:22:57 View