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libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[704614] (6.6 kB) by Jim Watters

New versions of files that now should end with LF only

2011-02-15 01:06:40 View
[611e65] (6.7 kB) by Jim Watters

First sweep of the Photoshop PSD code at add PSB.

Enable PSD functions to be also capable of PSB read and write.
Builds with a couple resize warnings that need to be corrected.
Completely untested.

2011-02-10 20:46:25 View
[ab0eb1] (6.5 kB) by dmg

rebased changes from Jim, except ansi_sys.c

2009-11-12 04:12:26 View
[5136a5] (6.4 kB) by dmg

reverting to revisions 1118 due to compilation errors

2009-11-10 22:33:19 View
[a92577] (6.5 kB) by jim0watters

Allow building the CMD and GUI versions of pano13.dll

2009-11-08 03:05:46 View
[c7051d] (6.4 kB) by jim0watters

Update trunk to be pano13. Create a name separation from pano12. Swepted many files. Updated version info.

2007-12-31 05:00:32 View