libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[eb6fca] by dmg

fixed minor errors in the panini general

2010-01-01 21:45:50 Tree
[b03672] by dangelo

fix queryfeature to work on 64 bit systems.

2010-01-01 12:16:15 Tree
[712610] by brunopostle

Put tools/compat_win32/ files in tarball

2009-12-27 22:24:55 Tree
[86e5f5] by dmg

Added name of projection, which I forgot to do yesterday. Added assertion that verifies I donot forget in the future

2009-12-27 17:50:45 Tree
[14cc45] by dmg

Oops. Forgot to remove my debugging statemetn

2009-12-27 10:06:13 Tree
[16dae8] by dmg

Implemented general panini. Math provided by Tom Sharpless

2009-12-27 10:04:37 Tree
[e78e40] by jim0watters

build dynamic lib as CMD version.

2009-11-14 03:42:21 Tree
[ab0eb1] by dmg

rebased changes from Jim, except ansi_sys.c

2009-11-12 04:12:26 Tree
[322508] by dmg

Went too far in revert, reverting revert of 1120

2009-11-10 22:45:39 Tree
[5136a5] by dmg

reverting to revisions 1118 due to compilation errors

2009-11-10 22:33:19 Tree
[aa925a] by jim0watters

Updated Visual Studio Solution and Project files for building libpano and all the tools.

2009-11-08 03:09:24 Tree
[a92577] by jim0watters

Allow building the CMD and GUI versions of pano13.dll

2009-11-08 03:05:46 Tree
[493eaa] by jim0watters

Fix function not returning value

2009-11-08 01:00:24 Tree
[3e5696] by jim0watters

Fix CR/NL in file

2009-11-08 00:59:05 Tree
[e85b53] by jim0watters

Add an updated version of Helmut Dersch's Moving Panoramas Remap for libPano13

2009-11-07 18:38:52 Tree
[a2b0f9] by jim0watters

Add an updated version of Helmut Dersch's Moving Panoramas Remap for libPano13

2009-11-07 18:21:58 Tree
[078aa8] by jim0watters

Fix double free.
Set default Prefix to match on screen help

2009-10-24 21:43:11 Tree
[27d6a4] by brunopostle

Fix last commit intended to restrict only orthographic to 180 degrees

2009-10-23 22:49:47 Tree
[fd6d09] by brunopostle

Orthographic can only display up to 180 degrees

2009-10-23 21:28:59 Tree
[a2ffbe] by dmg

reverting last commit

2009-10-23 17:50:58 Tree
[481b06] by kornelbenko

Created own version of htons() to get rid of otherwise
needed extra library.
Problem only on WIN32 system.

2009-10-23 11:56:14 Tree
[ab6996] by kornelbenko

For WINN32:
Added tools/compat_win32/getopt.c to variable win_c.
getopt.o is now part of libpano13. Needed by tools.

2009-10-23 11:53:54 Tree
[c35323] by dmg

this commit should have been few weeks ago... fixes incorrect normalization of angles in tilt

2009-10-14 09:11:42 Tree
[9d195e] by dangelo

replaced M_PI with PI in math.c

2009-10-12 17:12:57 Tree
[bc8c22] by jim0watters

Fix issue where using correct might think nothing was being corrected and set success to false.

2009-10-11 22:07:20 Tree
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