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2005-05-04 11:33  dwilkins42

	* filter.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe casts.

2005-05-04 11:32  dwilkins42

	* file.c: Use decimal instead of hex constants

2005-05-04 11:29  dwilkins42

	* pan.c: Use 64 bit safe casts.

2005-05-04 11:16  dwilkins42

	* PTDialogs.c: Correct typo

2005-05-04 11:02  dwilkins42

	* perspect.c: Use 64 bit clean data types.

2005-05-04 10:59  dwilkins42

	* fourier.c, jpeg.c, morpher.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64
	  bit safe casts.

2005-05-04 10:57  dwilkins42

	* file.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe casts.
	  accurately reflect their purpose.

2005-05-04 10:51  dwilkins42

	* correct.c: Use 64 bit safe casts.

2005-05-04 10:50  dwilkins42

	* sys_ansi.c, sys_win.c: Use 64 bit clean parameter declarations.

2005-05-04 10:49  dwilkins42

	* tiff.c: Use 64 bit clean data types and types defined in tiff.h
	  where appropriate

2005-05-04 10:47  dwilkins42

	* resample.c: Use 64 bit clean data types.

2005-05-04 10:45  dwilkins42

	* queryfeature.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe
	  const instead of define

2005-05-04 10:44  dwilkins42

	* ppm.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use correct format specifiers
	  for 32/64 bit

2005-05-04 10:42  dwilkins42

	* parser.c: Use correct format specifiers for 32/64 bit

2005-05-04 10:38  dwilkins42

	* filter.h, panorama.h: use 64 bit clean types

2005-05-04 10:26  dwilkins42

	* fftn.c, fftn.h: Correct data widths for 32/64 bit use

2005-05-04 10:23  dwilkins42

	* Triangulate.c: Use floating point version of abs() to avoid
	  conversion errors

2005-05-04 10:21  dwilkins42

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: gcc 2.95 on ppc barfs if local variables
	  defined late

2005-05-04 10:17  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, panotypes.h: Add panotypes.h header for 32/64 bit

2005-05-04 10:15  dwilkins42

	* configure.ac, m4/ax_check_graphics.m4: Small fixes for darwin

2005-05-01 17:41  dwilkins42

	* PTDialogs.c, multilayer.c, pteditor.c, resample.c: Supress unused
	  parameter warning on msvc.

2005-05-01 17:36  dwilkins42

	* sys_win.h: Correct function declarations.

2005-05-01 17:35  dwilkins42

	* sys_win.c: Correct function declarations. remove unused local
	  variables. Supress unused parameter warning on msvc.

2005-05-01 17:33  dwilkins42

	* ptpicker.c: Update function declaration. Supress unused parameter
	  warning on msvc

2005-05-01 17:32  dwilkins42

	* optimize.c: Remove redundant function declaration

2005-05-01 17:31  dwilkins42

	* lmdif.c: Update function declarations. Remove redundant function
	  declarations. Supress unused parameter warnings on msvc

2005-05-01 17:27  dwilkins42

	* file.c: Replace (char)255 with 0xFF so that msvc won't complain

2005-05-01 17:24  dwilkins42

	* correct.c: Initialise a few more variables.

2005-05-01 17:23  dwilkins42

	* adjust.h: Add one more function declaration

2005-05-01 17:23  dwilkins42

	* adjust.c: Initialise variables. Correct typing error. Update
	  function declaration

2005-04-30 21:55  dwilkins42

	* queryfeature.c: Add note in queryfeature if java support is

2005-04-30 20:40  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am: Add msvc files to autotools

2005-04-30 19:44  dwilkins42

	* libpano.vcproj, pano12vc.def, pano12vcd.def: Add project file for
	  msvc and support files

2005-04-30 13:19  dwilkins42

	* resample.c: Fix cast-as-lvalue warning. Add function
	  declarations. Ensure all variables initialised. Remove unused
	  variables. Fix cast scope. Fix fprintf format string

2005-04-30 13:15  dwilkins42

	* ptpicker.c: Correct sprintf format strings

2005-04-30 13:13  dwilkins42

	* lmdif.c: Correct function declarations. Remove unused variables.
	  Remove redundant functions

2005-04-30 13:10  dwilkins42

	* fourier.c: Remove unused variables. Comment out unused code

2005-04-30 13:07  dwilkins42

	* filter.c: Ensure variables initialised. Fix cast scope

2005-04-30 13:06  dwilkins42

	* file.c: Fix multi-character char const warning. Remove unused
	  variables. Fix signed/unigned comparison warnings

2005-04-30 13:01  dwilkins42

	* adjust.c: Add function declarations. Ensure variables
	  initialised. Comment out unused code. Correct sprintf format

2005-04-30 12:55  dwilkins42

	* adjust.h: Add new header

2005-04-30 12:50  dwilkins42

	* fftn.c: Fix signed/unsigned warnings

2005-04-30 12:48  dwilkins42

	* correct.c: Fix cast-as-lvalue error. Ensure all variables

2005-04-30 12:37  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am: Add new files to automake system

2005-04-30 12:35  dwilkins42

	* optimize.c: Remove unused variables. Add function declarations

2005-04-30 12:22  dwilkins42

	* ptpicker.c: Remove unused variable

2005-04-30 12:11  dwilkins42

	* parser.c: Add function declarations. Correct printf/scanf format
	  definitions. Add default case to switch statement

2005-04-30 12:02  dwilkins42

	* ZComb.c, ZComb.h, tiff.c: Move Z combining code to it's own
	  files. Fix parameter declaration in tiff.c

2005-04-30 11:54  dwilkins42

	* adjust.c, lmdif.c, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c, resample.c: Remove
	  #pragma unused (not used by gcc or msvc)

2005-04-30 11:03  dwilkins42

	* tools/PTOptimizer.c: Remove unused variables. Add explicit
	  function declaration

2005-04-30 11:02  dwilkins42

	* sys_win.h: Correct parameter declaration

2005-04-30 11:01  dwilkins42

	* sys_ansi.c: Remove unused variable

2005-04-30 10:59  dwilkins42

	* remap.c: Add explicit variable initialisation

2005-04-30 10:57  dwilkins42

	* pteditor.c: Add explicit function declaration

2005-04-30 10:55  dwilkins42

	* png.c: Fix data type. Fix Optimise bug

2005-04-30 10:52  dwilkins42

	* Triangulate.c: Remove unused variable

2005-04-22 18:30  dwilkins42

	* javastub.c: Required for --without-java support

2005-04-22 18:29  dwilkins42

	* pano12.rc: Correct rc language version (messages are in english
	  not german)

2005-04-22 18:26  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac: Add --without-java support

2005-02-26 10:14  dwilkins42

	* panorama.h: __INTEL__ cannot be used as a test for windows

2005-02-17 16:37  dwilkins42

	* configure.ac: Update version number

2005-02-04 10:38  jim0watters

	* adjust.c, parser.c, queryfeature.c, version.h: Fix bug when
	  cropping outside of image  - Joost Nieuwenhuijse

2005-01-12 10:03  dwilkins42

	* configure.ac, m4/ax_check_graphics.m4: Add initial support in
	  autotools for the 64 bit linux platform. Remove default search

2005-01-07 11:26  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, bootstrap, configure.ac, build/Makefile.am,
	  build/win32/Makefile.am, doc/Makefile.am, m4/Makefile.am,
	  tools/.cvsignore, tools/Makefile.am: Ensure maintainer-clean and
	  distcheck targets work. Disable maintainer-mode in dist tarball.

2005-01-07 08:41  dwilkins42

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: Put only _really_ required includes in
	  JAVA_FLAGS. Should fix problem on Debian with gcj.

2004-12-01 03:44  specu

	* sys_win.c: add title to the PrintError messagebox

2004-12-01 03:32  specu

	* sys_win.c: fix typo

2004-12-01 02:48  specu

	* version.h: replace non ASCII char with (c) - fix for bug 1076139

2004-11-23 21:43  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac, doc/.cvsignore,
	  m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, m4/ax_check_java.m4: Fixes for build
	  (cygwin now compiles, but need to add README.cygwin to explain
	  how). Also add .cvsignore to doc subdir.

2004-11-23 14:22  dwilkins42

	* libpano12.def: Add libpano12.def used to create the import
	  library on windows. This is the same as pano12.def, but does not
	  re-export the TIFFxxxx symbols from the tiff library (which can
	  cause some hard-to-track errors)

2004-11-22 21:24  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac, build/.cvsignore, build/Makefile.am,
	  build/README, build/win32/.cvsignore, build/win32/Makefile.am,
	  build/win32/compile-resource, build/win32/lt-compile-resource,
	  m4/ax_check_java.m4, tools/Makefile.am: Fixes for mingw and
	  cygwin build. Note that cygwin build still has a few problems.

2004-11-22 20:58  dwilkins42

	* .cvsignore, m4/.cvsignore, tools/.cvsignore: Add cvs ignore files

2004-11-16 11:08  brunopostle

	* ChangeLog: [no log message]

2004-11-16 11:03  brunopostle

	* Makefile.am, configure.ac, doc/Makefile.am, doc/Optimize.txt,
	  doc/stitch.txt: Added updated documentation for PTStitcher and

2004-11-16 10:31  brunopostle

	* NEWS, configure.ac: Updated for release

2004-11-16 08:08  jim0watters

	* version.h: Official release, Updated to version

2004-11-16 07:58  jim0watters

	* optimize.c: Fix small memory leak, as reported by Pablo d'Angelo

2004-11-10 11:46  dwilkins42

	* Makefile.am, m4/ax_check_graphics.m4: Update mac support in the
	  build files

2004-11-10 10:32  brunopostle

	* configure.ac: Stop configure when it can't find libjpeg, zlib,
	  libtiff, libpng or java (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-10 10:29  brunopostle

	* tools/Makefile.am: Allow out of tree builds.	Remove an
	  unnecessary osx hack.

2004-11-10 10:26  brunopostle

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: Add a path to find java on osx 10.1 (Douglas

2004-11-09 20:04  brunopostle

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: small changes to allow for the sun java
	  packaged by www.jpackage.org (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-09 18:49  brunopostle

	* panorama.h, tools/Makefile.am: Fixes to build on osx, though not

2004-11-09 16:27  brunopostle

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: fixes to detect java libraries

2004-11-09 16:10  brunopostle

	* tools/Makefile.am: Add AM_LDFLAGS=-L.. so the tools can link to
	  the just-built library

2004-11-09 16:02  brunopostle

	* configure.ac: allow older versions of autoconf

2004-11-09 16:01  brunopostle

	* Makefile.am: Add some likely include paths for building on a mac

2004-11-09 11:33  brunopostle

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, Makefile.am, NEWS, README, bootstrap,
	  configure.ac, m4/Makefile.am, m4/ax_check_graphics.m4,
	  m4/ax_check_java.m4, tools/Makefile.am: Added new libtool,
	  automake, autoconf build system.  Needs testing on various

2004-11-08 21:35  brunopostle

	* Makefile, README.linux, README.windows, makefile.win32,
	  tools/makefile panoinfo, tools/makefile ptoptimizer,
	  tools/makefile.panoinfo.win32, tools/makefile.ptoptimizer.win32:
	  Renamed Makefile as it would be clobbered by upcoming automake
	  build system.  Renamed files with spaces as they confuse make.
	  Modified README files as appropriate.

2004-10-15 18:28  jim0watters

	* jpeg.c, queryfeature.c, version.h: Turned on JPEG optimization -
	  disable in script file

2004-10-07 17:06  jim0watters

	* version.h: Official release, Updated to version

2004-09-27 08:32  jim0watters

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: Unix version of PanoInfo

2004-09-27 08:26  jim0watters

	* version.h: Updated to new version - rc1

2004-09-27 08:25  jim0watters

	* resample.c: Updated fastTransform - removed bugs

2004-09-27 08:22  jim0watters

	* sys_win.c: disable warnings for unknown tags for TIFF files

2004-09-27 08:20  jim0watters

	* queryfeature.c: Fix asserts with Microsoft compilers

2004-09-22 21:59  jim0watters

	* correct.c, filter.c, resample.c: Reduce the number of times the
	  status bar gets updated.  From every 5 lines to every 2%.  Speed
	  increase using plugin from 4:30 down to 1:30 with 5000 pixel high

2004-09-22 21:55  jim0watters

	* math.c: Fix PTCorrect vignetting correction.	Use same amount of
	  correction with 16 and 8 bit files.  16 bit too dark

2004-07-20 06:55  jim0watters

	* file.c: Fix PTAdjust saving 16 bit files loaded from plug-in as
	  too dark.

2004-07-20 06:54  jim0watters

	* version.h: new version

2004-07-20 06:53  jim0watters

	* seamer_.c: Fix 16 bit PTAdjust blend method paste,  remove black
	  border  - Jim Watters

2004-07-20 06:52  jim0watters

	* ptpicker.c: Fix PTEditor to open files

2004-07-20 06:50  jim0watters

	* filter.h: Remove many type size warnings

2004-07-20 06:48  jim0watters

	* PTDialogs.c, pano12.rc, sys_win.h: Fix path and file input with
	  dialog boxes.  Now accept path with spaces.  Updating edit
	  control is remembered.

2004-07-18 06:20  jim0watters

	* adjust.c: Speed up adding an alpha channel to image - Jim Watters

2004-07-16 02:01  jim0watters

	* tools/panoinfo.c: Remove unused variables

2004-07-16 01:46  jim0watters

	* version.h: Set to Alpha 4

2004-07-16 01:45  jim0watters

	* queryfeature.c: Update with new features - mask for focus,
	  Faster, PSD & 16bit bug fix

2004-07-16 01:42  jim0watters

	* sys_win.h: Fix propper dialog names for Windows plug-ins - Jim

2004-07-16 01:41  jim0watters

	* tiff.c: Added Combining images of different focus by Rik

2004-07-16 01:38  jim0watters

	* filter.c, filter.h, morpher.c, parser.c, resample.c: Added Faster
	  transformations by Fulvio Senore and with morphing by Rik

2004-07-16 01:29  jim0watters

	* file.c: Fix problem with large PSD files with image width > 16384
	  and heavy file swapping and updated hasFeather.  Rik Littlefield
	  & Jim Watters

2004-07-16 01:17  jim0watters

	* correct.c, file.c, filter.c, filter.h, math.c: Fix 16bit plug-in
	  for Radial Shift and PTAdjust - Kevin Kratzke & Jim Watters

2004-07-13 05:51  jim0watters

	* file.c: Dynamically allocate scanline buffer in
	  writeWhiteBackground, to avoid buffer overflow and crash on large

2004-07-13 05:16  jim0watters

	* queryfeature.c: made to work with microsoft compiler

2004-06-06 06:13  jim0watters

	* version.h: increased version #

2004-06-06 05:35  jim0watters

	* Makefile: add missing bracket

2004-05-30 04:41  jim0watters

	* tools/makefile ptoptimizer: makefile for ptoptimizer

2004-05-30 04:30  jim0watters

	* tools/: makefile panoinfo, panoinfo.c: Small application to test
	  the query feature functions of pano12 library.

2004-05-30 04:25  jim0watters

	* Makefile, makefile.linux, makefile.mac, makefile.osx, pano12.def,
	  pano12.rc, version.h, queryfeature.c, queryfeature.h: Functions
	  to determine properties of this specific pano12 library.
	  Features are name/value pairs. The name is string and the value
	  can be either an integer, double or string. Boolean values are
	  encoded as integers (0=false, 1=true)

2004-05-30 04:18  jim0watters

	* adjust.c, filter.h, filter.r, optimize.c, parser.c: Rik
	  Littlefield's Improved optimizer. Better.  Faster.  Stronger.
	  The method used here is a hybrid of two optimization strategies.
	  In the first strategy, fcnPano is configured to return one
	  function per control point, that function being total distance
	  without regard for direction.  In the second strategy, fcnPano is
	  configured to return two functions per control point, those
	  functions being distance in two directions, typically longitude
	  and latitude.

2004-05-03 14:56  brunopostle

	* makefile.osx: Partially working OS X makefile.  This creates a
	  statically linkable .a archive that can be used to build a
	  working PTOptimizer like so: make -f makefile.osx && cd tools &&
	  gcc -o PTOptimizer -I.. -L/sw/lib -L.. -ljpeg -ltiff -lpano12

2004-03-18 04:06  jim0watters

	* resample.c: Radial Shift, when colors channels have different
	  values and d is > 1 would give incorrect results around the edge
	  of the image

2003-12-30 18:41  jim0watters

	* file.c: Fix odd size PSD files and reading multilayer PSD files

2003-12-30 18:17  jim0watters

	* adjust.c, filter.c: Fix return, for compile warning.

2003-12-30 12:37  brunopostle

	* Makefile, pano12.def, resample.c: Files somehow got converted to
	  DOS format, fixed

2003-12-20 13:51  brunopostle

	* tools/PTOptimizer.c: Initial commit, this is intended to be a
	  drop-in replacement for the binary-only PTOptimizer, seems to

2003-12-20 02:04  bret_mckee

	* Makefile, pano12.def, resample.c: Changes to get ptools to
	  compile under windows: - Makefile modified to build the supporing
	  libraries if they are present - pano12.def - removed comments
	  which were causing syntax errors - resample.c - change a
	  reference to an undefined (and dangerous looking) function to

2003-12-16 23:56  brunopostle

	* jpeg.c, png.c, tiff.c: Mac specific changes related to file paths
	  (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-16 23:16  brunopostle

	* adjust.c, pano12.def, resample.c: Two new functions: MyMakePano
	  and MyTransForm are PTMac specific (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-14 20:32  brunopostle

	* README.linux, README.mac, README.windows: These instructions are
	  out-of-date (Helmut Dersch)

2003-12-14 20:21  brunopostle

	* gpl.txt: The content of Copying.html from the original sources
	  converted to text is identical (apart from formatting) to

2003-12-13 14:03  brunopostle

	* ptpicker.c: changed 'picker' to 'gpicker' (a namespace conflict?)
	  (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 13:57  brunopostle

	* PTDialogs.c: minor dialog text change (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 13:25  brunopostle

	* filter.h, panorama.h: mac specific changes to build using carbon
	  (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 12:58  brunopostle

	* PixMap.c, PixMap.h, filter.r, pict.c, sys_mac.c, sys_mac.h: Mac
	  specific changes, mostly porting gui to carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-12 19:32  brunopostle

	* PixMap.c, PixMap.h, filter.r, makefile.mac, pict.c, shell_mac.c,
	  sys_mac.c, sys_mac.h: Extra files required for mac compilation as
	  distributed by Helmut Dersch.

2003-12-12 19:27  brunopostle

	* sys_X11.c, sys_X11.h: Found two files in the macintosh sources
	  that appear to be gtk+ dialog boxes for a linux front-end, the
	  more the merrier.

2003-12-02 00:19  brunopostle

	* Makefile: Makefile modifications to build with mingw2.0 (Max

2003-12-02 00:05  brunopostle

	* filter.h: Reduce random luminance effect for photoshop plugin
	  (Jim Watters)

2003-12-02 00:03  brunopostle

	* file.c: Fix to export psd files in a better way (Jim Watters)

2003-12-02 00:01  brunopostle

	* adjust.c: Feature to allow linking of roll, pitch and yaw
	  parameters when optimising (Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 23:58  brunopostle

	* morpher.c: Fix for morph-to-fit that was causing intermittent
	  crashes (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 23:56  brunopostle

	* correct.c, filter.h, math.c: Feature to randomise brightness
	  correction in photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).  Anchor brightness
	  correction to narrowest dimension of the source image rather than
	  width for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).

2003-12-01 23:50  brunopostle

	* file.c, filter.h, panorama.h, png.c, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c: Fix
	  for BIGENDIAN namespace confict when compiling on Windows (Max
	  Lyons).  Additional error messages when writing psd files (Max

2003-12-01 23:46  brunopostle

	* sys_win.c: Feature to add 'are you sure' dialog on Windows when
	  hitting cancel button (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 23:43  brunopostle

	* pano12.rc, sys_win.c: Fix for memory problems on win95/98/me (Max
	  Lyons).  Feature to show memory usage in Windows dialog box (Max

2003-12-01 23:40  brunopostle

	* bmp.c: Fix to bmp file output, bmp file dimensions need to be
	  multiples of 4 (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 23:38  brunopostle

	* adjust.c, filter.h, parser.c: Straight-line control points
	  feature added (Helmut Dersch).  g and t shear correction feature
	  added (Helmut Dersch).  256 byte limit on script-file line length
	  extended (Max Lyons).

2003-12-01 23:29  brunopostle

	* makefile.linux: Modified CFLAGS to suit real location of linux
	  java header files

2003-12-01 23:18  brunopostle

	* makefile.linux, sys_ansi.h: Added two files needed to build on
	  linux.  sys_ansi.h was originally missing from both the Windows
	  and Linux sources, makefile.linux is the Makefile copied from the
	  Linux source tarball.

2003-12-01 23:10  brunopostle

	* panorama.h, f2c.h, fftn.h, filter.h, pteditor.h, ptutils.h,
	  sys_win.h, version.h, filter.c, parser.c, correct.c, sys_win.c,
	  perspect.c, adjust.c, remap.c, lmdif.c, file.c, math.c, pan.c,
	  PTDialogs.c, fftn.c, fourier.c, Triangulate.c, morpher.c,
	  optimize.c, resample.c, seamer.c, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c, bmp.c,
	  jpeg.c, seamer_.c, tiff.c, Makefile, multilayer.c, pano12.def,
	  pano12.rc, png.c, ppm.c, sys_ansi.c: Initial import of Windows
	  Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools library Sources as distributed by
	  Helmut Dersch December 2001.

2003-12-01 23:10  brunopostle

	* panorama.h, f2c.h, fftn.h, filter.h, pteditor.h, ptutils.h,
	  sys_win.h, version.h, filter.c, parser.c, correct.c, sys_win.c,
	  perspect.c, adjust.c, remap.c, lmdif.c, file.c, math.c, pan.c,
	  PTDialogs.c, fftn.c, fourier.c, Triangulate.c, morpher.c,
	  optimize.c, resample.c, seamer.c, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c, bmp.c,
	  jpeg.c, seamer_.c, tiff.c, Makefile, multilayer.c, pano12.def,
	  pano12.rc, png.c, ppm.c, sys_ansi.c: Initial revision