libpano13 Log

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[c1c61c] by dmg

009-09-18 <>

Patch submitted by Kornel Benko

* ptpicker.c: Casted some values in printf to avoid compiler

* CMakeLists.txt: As allways one has to call cmake
-DCPACK_BINARY_DEB:BOOL=ON to create a package (debian/ubuntu in
this example)

make package creates then the package libpano13-2.9.15-Linux.deb.
(Values automatically taken from The package will
install the header-files and the (shared) libpano13 library.

2009-09-18 20:13:51 Tree
[ec5d24] by jim0watters

Fix crash if script p line has n"TIFF_m" without any other options for tiff

2009-09-18 03:25:37 Tree
[4bd0a2] by jim0watters

correct the default value for tiltScale optVars to 0, like all optVars.

2009-09-17 21:27:20 Tree
[28d537] by jim0watters

adjust.c: Add tiltZ and tiltScale to list being set to default values
math.c Move variable initialization to the beginning of code block for MSSC compiler.

2009-09-17 17:01:25 Tree
[e2a7cb] by jim0Watters

Add tiltZ and tiltScale to list being set to default values.

2009-09-17 16:57:34 Tree
[2b71d1] by jim0watters

Move variable initialization to the beginning of code block for MSSC compiler.

2009-09-17 16:56:49 Tree
[a9d9df] by dmg

2009-09-17 <>

* parser.c: Fail if Ts parameter is set to zero

2009-09-17 16:40:27 Tree
[470991] by dmg

2009-09-16 <>

* correct.c (correct): Removed debugging code that I introduced
early. I suspect correct is no longer needed. Thanks to Jim
(again) for catching this.

* parser.c (ReadCoordinates): Removed bogus case switch (thanks to
Jim Watters for catching this!)

* PTcommon.c: Changed use of NDEBUG to a new preprocessor define

2009-09-16 19:50:06 Tree
[b8a475] by brunopostle

Update ChangeLog for likely beta2

2009-09-16 17:52:00 Tree
[cd6f9a] by brunopostle

Put missing test case files in tarball (Andreas Metzler)

2009-09-14 20:59:50 Tree
[30177e] by brunopostle

switch soname back to 1:0:0 as ABI hasn't really changed

2009-09-14 19:54:55 Tree
[2f7764] by dmg

2009-09-14 <>

* Added support for kfreebsd. Patch created by
Debian upstream maintainer Cyril Brulebois

2009-09-14 18:23:15 Tree
[824c52] by dmg

2009-09-09 <>

* PTcommon.c, panorama.h, pt_stdint.h, math.c, adjust.c
PTcommon.c, filter.h, parser.c, correct.c: Integrated Dev"s
implementation of tilt, extended to support rotation of the camera
before independent of roll,pitch,yaw. The new parameters are:
Tx,Ty,Tz,Ts (tilt on x axis, y axis, z axis, and scaling of field
of view in the transformation). Supported by PTmender and PToptimizer

2009-09-10 06:41:20 Tree
[c5acf5] by brunopostle

Update ChangeLog with svn2cl

2009-09-03 17:41:11 Tree
[889f52] by brunopostle

Bump version and soname

2009-09-03 17:26:05 Tree
[047e83] by brunopostle

Fixes for implicit declarations (Stanislav Brabec)

2009-09-03 17:13:32 Tree
[34ed4d] by brunopostle

Add a pkgconfig support with a libpano13.pc file (Andreas Metzler)

2009-09-03 14:08:33 Tree
[0d7a60] by dmg

Forgot to update changelog

2009-08-18 17:33:28 Tree
[2603dc] by dmg

Tried to fix the setlocale thing

2009-08-18 17:26:49 Tree
[774867] by dmg

2009-08-14 <>

* Updated tests cases to reflect the slight change in the
boundaries of the ROI.

* adjust.c, math.c, filter.h: The inverse of shear was broken. I
have added a shearInv function that takes care of this bug.

* PTcommon.c (getROI): Improved its computation of its edges to
make it err on the outside rather than on the inside of the actual
area. I have also added code to test the inverse computations for
any particular function.

2009-08-14 18:36:07 Tree
[7588ee] by dmg

2009-08-13 <>

* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): Added support for uncropped
TIFF_m, but only when it is not circular fisheye

* tests/ (Compare_Images): Added support for
uncropped and cropped images.

* Updated tests

2009-08-14 06:14:58 Tree
[51e969] by dmg

i need actual files, not symlinks

2009-08-14 06:05:12 Tree
[b3cca6] by dmg

finished renaming files

2009-08-14 06:01:37 Tree
[f6f56d] by dmg

renaming some files part 2, has to be done in different commits

2009-08-14 06:00:23 Tree
[d8730c] by dmg

renaming some files, has to be done in different commits

2009-08-14 05:58:20 Tree
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