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2009-01-17 Thomas Modes

	* match.c: fix reverse calculation for pannini

2009-01-02  dmg  <dmg@phosphorus>

	* * adjust.c, filter.h, math.c, panorama.h, parser.c &

	Fixed the panini (or should we call it pannini) and renamed
	previous projection as equirectangular panini. It might have to
	change its name

2008-01-26 Jim Watters <>

	* adjust.c, filter.h, math.c, panorama.h, parser.c & queryfeateature.c
	added mirror, equisolid, orthographic, and stereographic as input image formats
	added equisolid, orthographic, stereographic as output panorama formats

2008-12-29  dmg  <dmg@phosphorus>

	* panorama.h, math.c, adjust.c, queryfeature.c, filter.h: Finally
	added the architectural.

	* queryfeature.c (panoProjectionFeaturesQuery): Added querying
	features for panini; this will allow Hugin to use it.

2008-12-29  dmg  <>

	* panorama.h, math.c, adjust.c, queryfeature.c, filter.h,
	parser.c: Added panini projection. the credit goes to Thomas
	Sharpless who rediscovered it, and to Bruno Postle, who did the
	original math.

2008-08-11  dmg  <>

	* bootstrap (have_libtool): Added support for 2.2.* version of
	libtool. Patch submitted by Neil Shephard.
2008-01-26 Jim Watters <>

	* Fix some warning messages
	* sys_common.c and filter.h Updated printError functions to use Const char (submitted by Simon Oosthoek)
2008-01-04 Jim Watters <>

	* Added FastTransform to the data structures removed as global variable
	* added FastTransform to the dialog.
	* updated the dialogs with some of the newer interpolator
	* Fixed PTCorrect bug that had wrong order of operations on the image stack,
	  Radial, then H & V shift.
	* updated the default interpolator to _spline36
	* On Windows changed the default location to store parameters file from app 
	  folder to folder and file name %APPDATA%\Panotools\APPNAME.prf.  This should
	  make the plugins Vista friendly.  Changed the default temp file location
	  to %TEMP%
2008-01-03 Pablo d'Angelo

	* tools/ Only compile PTAinterpolate if java (and thus
	ptpicker.h) is available.

2007-12-31 Jim Watters <>

	* Update trunk to be pano13.  Create a name separation from pano12.
	  Swepted many files.

2007-12-29 Jim Watters <>

	* Added Max Lyons bug fixes to libpano
	* Added Max Lyons PTAinterpolate project to replace PTInterpolate
	* Removed incomplete version of PTStitcher that was replaced by PTMender
	* Removed duplicate make files for panoinfo and ptoptimizer
2007-12-28 Jim Watters <>

	* removed warning suppression from MSVC builds
	* swept many files to remove compiler warnings.

2007-10-25 dangelo <>

	* libpano.vcproj: updated MSVC build, produce libs named libpano13

2007-10-21 dangelo <>

	* parser.c: reset robust estimator sigma (m parameter) to 0, if
	it is not specified explicitly

2007-04-23  Jim Watters <>

	* adjust.c (SetMakeParams): Update scale[0] to use selected width
	and height.  Fix issue using C crop
2007-02-05 dangelo <>

	* queryfeature.c: fixed projection names and HFOV/VFOV limits.

2007-01-25 dangelo <>

	* queryfeature.c: Panorama (aka cylindrical) projection supports
	only VFOV < 180
	* filter.c: SetImageDefaults did not initialize precomputed
	parameters to zero

2007-01-24 dangelo <>

	* queryfeature.c: Forgot to set internal format id...

2007-01-23 dangelo <>

	* queryfeature.c, panorama.h: added internal format id to projection

2007-01-22  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.13

	* queryfeature.c (panoProjectionFeaturesQuery): Mercator is 179
	vfov max.

	* file.c (CREATED_BY_PSD): This constant needs to be ODD in length

	* queryfeature.c, panorama.h, math.c, adjust.c, filter.h,
	parser.c: Added Miller Cylindrical.

2007-01-15  dmg  <>

	* tiff.c (panoTiffSetErrorHandler): Disable warnings in TIFF library.

2007-01-11  dmg  <>

	* queryfeature.c, panorama.h (panoProjectionFormatCount): Added

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.12

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: Output features of panos.

	* panorama.h, queryfeature.c: Added functions to query features of each pano
	format as needed by hugin.

	* parser.c (ParseScript): Ignore K-type variables too.

2007-01-10  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.11

	* parser.c (ParseScript): V-type variables from Hugin .pto files
	need to be ignored also.
	* parser.c (readAdjust): Images with 'i' were all done with the
	first spec. This change fixes that problem (the parser should be
	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.10

	* doc/stitch.txt: Updated the file to match latest version.
	* parser.c (readAdjust): Updated parser to accept adjustLine in
	the i-line.
	(nextWord): Make sure that it eats the closing quotes
	(ReadPanoramaDescription): Forked this function from
	ReadImageDescription. In the past both images (o and i lines)
	and output format (p-line) were read with the same function.

	* TODO (PTmender): Updated the file.

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.9
	* queryfeature.c: Updated labels for Lamberts to their full name.
	* parser.c: implemented option P (parameters to projection) as a
	multivalue parameted

	* panorama.h: Modified the Image struct to support parameters to
	the projection and to support precomputation of values for the
	projection (to speed up computation)
	* math.c, parser.c, panorama.h, adjust.c, filter.c,
	queryfeature.c: Implemented Albers Conical Equal Area projection.

	Most of these changes submitted by Michael Gross, reviewed and
	slightly adapted by me.
2007-01-01  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.8

	* parser.c (ParseScript): Added some comments to "z" option

	* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): Add an end-of-line if none is
	provided (to increase readbility of PrintError, but only when
	stdout is used)

	* AUTHORS: Updated my own URL. Order them in lexicographical order
	by lastname

	* TODO: Updated file.

	* ZComb.c (ZCOMBLOGFILENAME): Changed name of log file for Zcomb
	to something more appropriate.

	* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectImageColourBrigthness): Fixed some
	compilation warnings

	* tools/PTmasker.c (main): Added support for focus enhancing (z
	option in the old PTstitch script)

2006-12-31 dangelo <>

	* file.c (panoSingleFileExists): Added function to check if a single
	file exists

	* ptcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): PTmender overwrites output files on
	all platforms now
2006-12-31 dangelo <>

	* ColourBrightness.c, file.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, queryfeature.c,
	tiff.c, tools/PTmender.c: Cleanup signed vs unsigned warnings

	* tools/PTmasker.c: Actually set default output name, if none given
	on the command line

	* libpano.sln: Forgot to compile PTroller

2006-12-26  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.7.

	* tiff.c (panoTiffDisplayInfo): Fixed compilation warning

	* math.c: Cleaned up some of the Lambert related code.
	* tools/PTblender.c: Improved error message
	* TODO: Updated it.
	* ptfeather.c: Improved the feathering algorithm, made sure 16
	bits works too.

	* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h (panoStitchPixelChannelSet): Added function,
	cleanedup panoStitchPixelChannelGet.

	* metadata.c (panoImageBytesPerSample): Added function.

	* tools/PTmasker.c (main): If one file is specified feather it,
	otherwise do nothing.

	* tiff.c, pttiff.h: (panoImageDispose): Disposes properly any
	memory used by the Image data structure.

	* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, PTcommon.c: replaced
	myfree( with panoImageDispose.

	* filter.c (panoMetadataFree): Set pointers to null once they have
	been released.

2006-12-18  dmg  <>

	* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): The function had a limit of 256
	bytes to print, and anything longer created a run time error. I
	have changed it to deal with any lenght.

2006-12-18 dangelo <>

	* adjust.c, adjust.h, parser.c, doc/Optimize.txt:
	Added optional robust estimation using the Huber
	M-estimator function. 
2006-12-17 dangelo <>

        * math.c: added defines for isnan and isinf, if MSVC is used.
	*, libpano.vcproj, PTDialogs.c: use sys_ansi on

2006-12-15  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): A pointer was freed more than

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.6.

	* tools/PTtiff2psd.c (PT_TIFF2PSD_USAGE): Updated help message

	* PTcommon.c (panoPSDCreate): Added support for 1 input file only in
	the creation of PSDs.

	* tools/PTtiff2psd.c (main): Added support for 1 input file only.

	* tiff.c (readTIFF): Reenable readTIFF and writeTIFF. pteditor
	uses them.

2006-12-14  dmg  <>

	* file.c: Fixed major problems with PSD logic and PICT tags

	* metadata.c (panoImageFullHeight): Darn. It was returning width
	instead of height!

2006-12-15 dangelo <>
        * queryfeature.c: Include lambert azimuthal in list of supported
	output projections

2006-12-13  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectFileColourBrightness): Another bug I
	introduced when I replaced readTIFF with panoTiffRead. I need
	regression testing :(

2006-12-13  dangelo <>

        * install file.h during make install. It is required
	for compilation of programs using libpano13

2006-12-12  dmg  <>

	* math.c (transmercator_erect): Make sure it returns 0 when the
	width is infinite.

	* adjust.c: Updated comments

	* math.c (erect_transmercator): Make sure it only translates
	points within the sphere (avoids duplication of the image).

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.5.

	* queryfeature.c:  Added lambert Azimuthal projection

	* math.c (erect_lambert, lambert_erect): Added lambert Azimuthal

	* filter.h: Added Lambert Azimuthal projection

	* panorama.h (enum): Added Lambert Azimuthal projection

	* adjust.c (SetMakeParams, SetInvMakeParams): Added Lambert
	Azimuthal projection

	* parser.c (readAdjust,ParseScript): Added Lambert Azimuthal projection.

2006-12-12 dangelo <>
        * ColorBrightness.c, PTcommon.c, tools/PTblender.c,
          tools/PTcrop.c, tools/PTinfo.c, tools/PTmasker.c, tools/PTmender.c,
          tools/PTtiff2psd.c, tools/PTtiffdump.c, tools/PTuncrop.c: Fixes for
          MSVC compilation, unistd.h not available on that platform. C Compiler
          only accepts variables declared at the beginning of a function.

        * libpano.sln, libpano.vcproj, tools/PTblender.vcproj, 
          tools/PTcrop.vcproj, tools/PTinfo.vcproj, tools/PTmasker.vcproj,
          tools/PTmender.vcproj, tools/PTtiff2psd.vcproj,
          tools/PTtiffdump.vcproj, tools/PTuncrop.vcproj: New MSVC project
          files, statically linked to libpano and image libraries.

        * tools/compat_win32/dirent.h, tools/compat_win32/getopt.h
          tools/compat_win32/getopt.c: getopt not ANSI C.

2006-12-11  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.4.

	* tools/PTmender.c: Fixed a bug in the processing of the input files.
	* queryfeature.c:  Added lambert projection

	* math.c (erect_lambert, lambert_erect): Added lambert projection

	* filter.h: Added Lambert projection

	* panorama.h (enum): Added Lambert projection

	* adjust.c (SetMakeParams, SetInvMakeParams): Added Lambert projection

	* parser.c (readAdjust,ParseScript): Added Lambert projection.

	* adjust.c (SetInvMakeParams): Corrected error message.

2006-12-04  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c: Uncommented getCropInformation. It is still being
	used in the PDF code.

2006-12-03  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.3.

	* tiff.c (panoTiffDisplayInfo): Added function. 

	* parser.c (panoParserFindOLine): Added function.

2006-12-02  dmg  <>

	* PTinfo.c, (bin_PROGRAMS): Created new program

	* metadata.c (panoMetadataCropSizeUpdate),
	tiff.c (panoImageBoundingRectangleCompute): Fixed a bug in the
	creation of cropped files. The full size tag was not being

	* file.h, file.c (panoFileDeleteMultiple): Created function. Used
	with -x option.

	* PTcommon.h, PTcommon.c:  Refactored main function from PTcrop
	and PTuncrop.

	* tools/PTcrop.c: allow the multiple files in the command line
	* tools/PTmasker.c, tools/PTroller.c, tools/PTblender.c, tools/PTcrop.c: Add -x switch

2006-11-30  dmg  <>

	* parser.c (READ_OPT_VAR): Bug fix: changed a format spec from %k
	to %d

2006-11-28  dmg  <>

	* tools/PTmender.c (PT_MENDER_USAGE): Updated usage message

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.2.

	* TODO: Updated it.
	* tools/PTmender.c: Mimic processing of input filenames to match
	  -- First use command line options
	  -- If no images, then use filename in "i" lines
	  -- If still no images, then use filename in "o" lines

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.1,
	updated copyrights.

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c (main): Cleaned up the output

	* queryfeature.c: Removed list of patches. It should be enough
	with the version number

	* tiff.c (panoImageBoundingRectangleCompute): Remove a debug
	* file.h: removed a wrong comment

	* tools/PTcrop.c (main): Renamed option -o to -f (to be consistent)

	* tiff.c (panoTiffCrop): Do processing in a temporal file, instead
	of directly in the output file

	* PTcommon.c: Removed some dead code
	* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): The calculation of the ROI is
	not done correctly for circular fisheye images (CFIs). For the
	time being we will do uncrop processing for CFIs, and cropped
	processing for everything else. For fisheyes we will create crops
	in post-processing (it is a hack, but it means everything is
	* tools/PTroller.c (main): Fixed a warning

	* adjust.c (SetMakeParams): Added some debugging code (and
	commented it out)

	* parser.c (ReadImageDescription): Croping options  were not
	working properly when 2 cropping specs were specified in the same
	command line. For instance, when M=0 was specified any cropping on
	the image was considered a type C crop. The new behaviour is the

	if M is specified with parameter == 0, then it is ignored

	For project with two different types of cropping (M<>0, S or C)
	the first takes precedence over the second, and a warning is

2006-11-27  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectFileColourBrightness): Replaced
	readTIFF and writeTIFF  with panoTiffRead and panoTiffWrite. Added
	some error checking

	* PTcommon.c (panoPSDCreate): Replaced readTIFF  with panoTiffRead

2006-11-26  dmg  <>

	* file.c (panoImageRead): Fixed bug in return value of panoReadImage

2006-11-25  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.0

	* TODO: Updated this file
	* Minor fix

	* tiff.c (readTIFF, writeTIFF): Finally stopped using these functions.

	* ptstitch.c: Fixed a bug in the computation of masks for 16 bit
	images, and replaced calls to readTIFF and writeTIFF

	* tools/PTmasker.c (main): Added some testing code

	* ptfeather.c (panoFeatherImage): Implemented feathering of
	cropped files and 16 bit images

	* metadata.h, metadata.c: added a bunch of simple functions to
	access the metatada of the image. Ideally we should not access the pointer
	directly any more.

2006-11-25  dmg  <>
	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre17

	* tiff.c (panoTiffWrite): Fixed a bug in the allocation of the
	buffer for writing to the output file.

	* ptstitch.c, tools/PTmasker.c: Enabled feathering code

	* PTcommon.c: removed feathering skeletons from here.
	* ptfeather.c, ptfeather.h: Implemented feathering. 

	* Added ptfeather.c, ptfeather.h

2006-11-23  dmg  <>

	* TODO: updated tasks.

	* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): Change slightly error message
	to make it clearer.

2006-11-18  dmg  <>

	* doc/PTmender.readme (Options): Added a note on circular fisheye support

	* PTcommon.c (Clear_Area_Outside_Selected_Region): Implemented circular fisheye
	* PTcommon.c (getROI): Reverted _isnan to isnan

	* tools/PTmender.c: I changed my mind. We should keep the PTmender name
	in the new version of the tools too. 

	* tools/PTremap.c: Deleted.

	* tools/ Removed PTremap
	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre16 
2006-11-17  dmg  <>

	* panorama.h: Created Boolean data type (unsigned char)

	* filter.c, filter.h (panoWrite*, panoRead*): Simplified the
	functions, got rid of mywrite, replaced BOOL with Boolean

2006-11-15  Jim  <>

	* filter.h, filter.cpp created file i/o funtions with error checking to replace macro.

2006-11-12  Jim  <>

	* Updated MSVC project file to build current version.  Add files.

	* file.c fixed compile warnings.  Moved macros for file BIGENDIAN/LITTLEENDIAN i/o to
	* filter.h  Moved macros for file BIGENDIAN/LITTLEENDIAN i/o from file.c.  
	     Commented out no longer used funtions in Windows.  Still used in pict.c for Mac.
	* pano12vc.def updated with new funtions and commented out old 
	* pano12vcd.def removed file
	* tiff.c fix compile error unknown size void*

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre15 ( changes
2006-11-02  dmg  <>

	* TODO (KNOWN BUGS): Create a section with list of bugs

2006-10-28  dmg  <>

	* README: Updated it.
	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre14

	* tools/PTtiff2psd.c: Add -f force processing option. Cleaned up.

	* file.h: Added a field to specify if forced processing in panoTiffUncrop

	* tools/PTmasker.c: Moved functionalty to create stitching masks
	into this program (from PTroller and PTblender).
	* tools/PTroller.c (main): Cleaned up options, added the option
	for force processsing.

	* tools/PTmender.c (main): Removed all functionality from it.

	* tools/PTblender.c (main): Cleaned up options. Added the option -f
	for force procesing

	* file.h, file.c (panoFileExists): Added function.

	* PTfile.c, tools/PTblender: Refactored function

	* tools/PTcrop.c: Reindented. Cleanup options. Replaced -o with -f
	to be consistent

	* tools/PTcrop.c: Cleanup options. Replaced -o with -f
	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre13

	* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h (panoStitchPixelChannelGet): Upgraded
	this function to non-static, since it is useful in tiff.c too.

	* pttiff.h, metadata.c, metadata.h, tiff.c: implemented cropping
	of tiffs to boudning rectangle

	* tools/, tools/PTcrop.c: Created program to crop panos
	to bounding rectangle

	* tools/PTuncrop.c (main): Fixed bug: return zero when success, and non-zero
	in error.

2006-10-27  dmg  <>

	* tiff.c (panoTiffOpen, panoTiffRead): These functions were not
	handling input errors properly

	* TODO (PTblender): Added ideas from JD Smith on how to improve it.

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre12

	* tools/PTroller.c: Removed unused variables
	* TODO: Updated it

	* PTcommon.c. Set the ImageDescription field of the tiff to the
	contents of the script.
	* PTcommon.c, tiff.c: Set imagenumber, and imagesTotalNumber in
	PAGENUMBER field of tiff. 

	* panorama.h (struct): Added imageNumber, and imagesTotalNumber
	and script to the metadata struct.

	* PTcommon.c (panoPSDCreate): Implemented the ability to specify a
	blending mode in the output of the image.

	* tools/PTtiff2psd.c, file.c, file.h: panoCreatePSD renamed to
	panoPSDCreate, replaced last parameter to be a
	struct (panoFlatteningParms) so we can pass as many parameters as
	necessary. Added support for blending mode in PSD
2006-10-26  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre11

	* Support for cropped images that do not contain full size. We
	assume the full size = croppped size + offset

	* tools/PTtiffdump.c: Cleaned up compilation errors.

	* tiff.c, PTcommon.c (panoTiffUnCrop): Moved function from
	PTcommon.c, renamed it.

	* TODO: Updates to reflect current status.
2006-10-26  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre10

	* TODO: Added file

	* tools/README.PTmender: Removed it (created equivalent in ./docs)

	* doc/PTmender.readme: Added file
	* doc/PTblender.readme: Added file
	* doc/PTremap.readme: Added file

	* tests/ Updated it to use PTremap and not PTmender.

	* tools/PTblender.c (main): Removed flattening
	functionality. Improved command line handling

	* tools/, tools/PTroller.c: Added PTroller, and 
	renaming back of PToptimize.

	* tools/PToptimize.c: Renamed PTestimate back to PToptimize.

	* tools/PTremap.c: Copied logic from PTmender to PTremap. Cleaned up logic
	and simplified handling of command line parameters.

	* PTcommon.c: Made some minor cosmetic fixes to progress report.
2006-10-26  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre9

	* tiff.c (panoTiffGetImageProperties): Do not choke if LZW
	compressed TIFFs do not have a predictor field
2006-10-26  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre8

	* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): Remove post-processing during
	remapping of images: in other words, ignore output format in script file.

2006-10-25  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre7

	* ColourBrightness.c (ReadHistograms): Compute histograms only
	when mask == 255. Ignore otherwise.

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre6

	* tools/ Renamed PToptimizer to PTestimate

2006-10-24  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c:  Map and Curve files for photoshop (colour
	correction) were not properly created in Intel machines. 

	Submitted by Michal at lightcomp.
	* tools/PTblender.c: Updated command line processing: assume image
	0 as reference if options -m or -c are specified.

2006-10-24  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre5

	* ColourBrightness.c, tools/PTblender.c: The following bugs in PTblender
	are fixed:
	1) When -c or -m is specified no image output is done and therefore it 
	should not be possible to specify -f too.
	2) When -c is specified wrong index to array curveExtension is used.
	3) Program tries to free already freed memory at the end.

	Submitted by Michal at lightcomp.

	We need a test suite for PTblender.
2006-10-22  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre4

	* tiff.c: Removed redundant #defines

	* PTcommon.c, PTcommon.h, filter.h, file.c: Added support for
	stacking images in PSD files, that is, each iamge contributes
	equaly to a final image.

2006-09-22  dmg  <>

	* ptstitch.c: The creation of the stitching masks was not working
	in certain cases (a combination of output format + number of
	images, and the use of cropped files). This change fixes that problem.

2006-09-21  dmg  <>

	* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.8.5pre3

	* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c: added support for
	saturation-only and brightness-only correction. I also fixed some
	small rounding problems in the old code.

2006-09-21  dmg  <>

	* bootstrap (have_autoconf): Added support for autoconf 2.6

	* PTcommon.c (getROI): Replace calls to _nan() with nan()

	by Florian Merz

2006-08-30  dmg  <>

	* file.c: Added code to start to include metadata in PSD file. So
	far only 2 bits of information are added: ICC Profile and creator
	software. Photoshop does not display the IPTC originating program,
	hence I resorted to use the "Source IPTC" tag.

2006-08-12  dmg  <dmg@iridium.dmg>

	* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h, PTcommon.c: moved all the functions
	related to stitching into the ptstich files. Renamed the functions
	according to new standard
	(panoStitchComputeMaskMap): Unified 8bit and 16bit versions into 1
	function, and refactored most of the code to improve readability
	and maintainability. In the process I found a major bug that was
	probably affecting spherical panoramas.

2006-08-05  dmg  <>

	* version.h, Updated version to 2.8.5pre2

	* jpeg.c: Implemented reading and writing ICC profile data.

	* jpegicc.c, jpegicc.h, I incorporated these two
	files from the LCMS project. Marti Maria, the original author, has
	granted us permission to change the license from MIT to GPL. These
	routines implement reading and writing of JPEG ICC profiles.

2006-07-30  dmg  <>

	* Updated it with the new files (metadata.*
	* pteditor.c, morpher.c, PTpano.c, PTcommon.c, tiff.c: Replaced
	calls to readImage with calls to panoReadImage and makeTempPath to

	* tiff.c, pttiff.h: moved panoCreatePanorama, Enabled tifferror
	handlers again for non windows.

	* jpeg.c (panoJPEGRead): Renamed it from panoReadJPEG to be consistent.

	* tiff.c: moved panoUnCropMetadata out of it
	* metadata.c, metadata.h: Added file with metadata only functions.
	(panoUnCropMetadata): Moved this function from tiff.c

	* hdrfile.c (panoHDRRead): Added function to support metadata

	* png.c (panoPNGRead): Added function to support metadata

	* bmp.c (panoReadBMP): Added function to support metadata

	* file.c: unified imageRead and makeTempPath into panoImageRead,
	panoMakeTempPath and moved them into this file (there exist one
	version for windows and one for unix)

2006-07-30  dmg  <>

	* ppm.c (readImage): I forgot to enable the PPM functions.

2006-07-28  dmg  <>

	* Added tests/simpleTiff16/Makefile

	* PTcommon.c (CreateAlphaChannels): Fixed bug (I never
	initialized a variable with the length of hte line)

	*,	version.h: Bumped version to 2.8.5pre1 

	* pict.c (makeTempPath), ppm.c (makeTempPath), bmp.c
	(makeTempPath): libpano can now create more than 1000 temporal

	* ppm.c (panoUpdateMetadataFromPPM): Updated PPM support for new
	metadata processing.

	* PTcommon.c: Improved output of progress indicators (fixed some
	minor mistakes)

	* jpeg.c, tiff.c, PTcommon.c, filter.c: Updated indentation according to
	new standard, and I removed debug messages.

2006-07-09  dmg  <>

	* panorama.h, PTcommon.c, pttiff.h, filter.c, tiff.c, filter.h,
	jpeg.c, ppm.c: Panotool is now able to preserve some metadata from
	beginning to end of the process. Only TIFF is currently
	supported. PPM is not yet supported.
	* ColourBrightness.c (OutputPhotoshopArbitraryMap): Removed unused variable.

	* filter.c: Set defaults for image.metadata.
	(panoSetMetadataDefaults): Added fuction that sets defauls for
	Image. Changed compression default from PACKBITS to DEFLATE
	(which creates smaller TIFFs)

	* tiff.c, jpeg.c, ppm.c, panorama.h, PTcommon.c: Reindented using
	Apache's code style.

2006-07-08  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c, PTcommon.h: Major refactoring of the TIFF logic. I
	have tried to encapsulate all the metadata of TIFFs including
	cropped logic. I also renamed a lot of the functions.

	* PTcommon.h, ColourBrightness.c: Updated files accordingly.

2006-06-30    <>

	* This entry marks the first commit using subversion

2006-06-25  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c (ColourBrightness, OutputCurves,
	OutputPhotoshopArbitraryMap, OutputPhotoshopCurve): Implemented
	Photoshop arbitrary map .amp.
	* ColourBrightness.h: Last parameter to ColourBrightness specifies
	the type of format to output (.amp or .acv)

2006-06-25  dmg  <>
	* ColourBrightness.c (OutputPhotoshopCurve)
	(OutputEmptyPhotoshopCurve, OutputCurves, ColourBrightness):
	Implemented the ability to output a photoshop .acv file that can
	be loaded into a curves layer. It required to add an extra
	parameter to ColourBrightness

	* ColourBrightness.h: Updated prototype. 
	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): 	Updated call to ColourBrightness
2006-06-16  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): The process for creating PSD_mask
	and PSD_nomask was inverted.

2006-06-15  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c: Major reindent, removed tabs.

	* ppm.c (makeTempPath): Added zeroes to temp files, so they are
	nicely sorted when listed.

	* panorama.h: Added crop info to Image data structure.

	* tiff.c (writeTIFF): Added cropInformation parameter to function
	(setCropInformationInTiff, getCropInformationFromTiff): Moved
	functions to this file from PTcommon.c

2006-06-14  Bruno Postle <>

	*, tests/simpleStitch/ put tests in tarball,
	but only run them with 'make check'.

2006-06-13  Max Lyons <>

	* filter.h, sys_common.c, pano12.def, libpano12.def: Adding new dieWithError 
	function to print error message and exit program with non-zero exit code

	* PTCommon.c: Modifying getROI function to better calculate ROI for images 
	in projects with 360/180 FOV.  Not sure if this completely eliminates 
	problems, but is certainly a step in the right direction.

	* PTCommon.c: Adding error checking to setCropInformationInTiff function.
	* PTCommon.c: Removing check for cropped TIFF in is possible 
	for a cropped TIFF to have x and y offset equal to zero, so this check could 
	have caused problems.

2006-06-12  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (tiffErrorHandler): Typecasted parameter to (char *) to
	avoid warning.
	(VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): changed sprintf to strcpy to avoid
	compiler warning.
	(CreateAlphaChannels): Added (long unsigned) to avoid compiler error.
	(BlendLayers16Bit): Changed format specifier to match type of variable.
	(FlattenTIFF): Removed unused variable.

	* PTcommon.c (VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): Uncommented TIFF error
	handlers (commented by Max few weeks ago). Wrapped it around with
	ifndef to avoid windows compilation. I have the feeling this is a
	windows issue, not a gcc.

	* PTcommon.h (ReplaceExt): Declared function, moved it from
	ColourBrightness.c to PTcommon.c

	* (SUBDIRS): Removed tests from the default make

	* PTcommon.c (ReplaceAlphaChannel): The images created in this
	routine were not labeled as cropped. This patch fixes the
	problem. The test case did not catch this problem. We need a
	360/180 one.

2006-06-12  Jim Watters <>

	* PTcommon.c and ColourBrightness.c exclude a bunch of include files that 
	  were not needed and did not exist on Windows. 
	* pt_stdint.h add define for INT32_MAX for Windows platform
	* libpano.vcproj updated to include ColourBrightness and PTCommon.
2006-06-11  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c: Improved the behaviour during errors. exit(-1) if
	there is an irrecoverable error.

2006-06-11    <>

	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): Change extension of generated PSD
	from .PSD to .psd. Remove a temp file that was left in the cropped processing.
2006-06-11  Max Lyons <>

	* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c, tiff.c, filter.h, pttiff.h, 
	libpano12.def, pano12.def.  Changes to support "cropped tiff" processing 
	when using colour/brightness correction in PTMender.  Changes also allow 
	pttiff2psd to work with cropped tiff output as well.

2006-06-04  Pablo d'Angelo <>

	* ptpicker.c, PTcommon.c: Moved InsertFileName from ptpicker.c to
	PTcommon.c. This broke compilation of PTmender, when java support
	was disabled.

2006-06-04  Max Lyons <>

	* PTMender.c: Changed behavior for input file name parsing.  If the script 
	is specified on the command line with a path (e.g. c:\some\path\myscript.txt), 
	this path was prepended to all of the image names in the script, regardless 
	of whether those image names were also specified with a full qualified path.  
	This change adds a check so that the script path is only prepended to the 
	image names if the image names don't already contain path information.

	* PTCommon.c: Fixing bug with morph-to-fit.  Memory allocated with malloc 
	was being incorrectly freed with myfree leading to random crashes.
2006-05-31  Max Lyons <>

	* PTCommon.c: Fixed bug in getROI

2006-05-29  Max Lyons <>

	* adjust.c: CheckParams: Allowing optimizer to work with new projections

	* Moving uncrop logic from ptuncrop.c to ptcommon.c.  Creating 
	uncropTiff function
	* Adding uncropTiff function declaration to pttiff.h
	* Making cropped TIFF the intermediate format for all processing, 
	regardless of output format.  Uncropped TIFFs can be generated, if needed, 
	from intermediate cropped TIFFs by calling new uncropTiff function.

2006-05-29  Max Lyons <>

	Changes fix various compilation problems:

	* Moved declaration of three functions from ptcommon.h to new ptttiff.h file.  
	* Updated includes in PTcommon.c and PTuncrop.c
	* Updated pano12.def and libpano12.def to  include the same, latest, exports

2006-05-27  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): Removed some ugly formatting I
	introduced in a recent commit
	(CreatePanorama): Fixed bug of the missing column/row introduced
	in cropped files.
	* PTcommon.h (TiffSetImageParameters,TiffGetImageParameters):
	Exported  these functions to be able to use them in
	PTuncrop. Added #include <tiffio.h>

2006-05-24  Max Lyons <>

	* PTCommon.c: All logic has been reworked so that "cropped"
	TIFF files can be used throughout the stitching process for all currently 
	supported output formats.  (Cropped TIFF files are those that are just 
	large enough to contain	the remapped image, and the offset/full size 
	information is stored in the TIFF header).  Modified functions include 
	ReplaceAlphaChannel, CreateAlphaChannels, AddStitchingMasks, FlattenTIFF, 
	createPanorama.  New functions include getCropInformationFromTiff, 
	* PTCommon.c: Simplified ComputeStitchingMask8bits syntax
	* PTCommon.c: CreatePanorama.  Reworked logic to handle intermediate output files
	and produce final output in various formats.  Added logic that decides when
	to use cropped TIFF as intermediate format based on chosen output format.  TODO:
	this could use some tidy up, and it might be a good idea to have cropped TIFF
	as the default intermediate format for TIFF_m and TIFF_mask, and include a 
	function to "expand" the cropped TIFFs to full size when finished (if the 
	user requests non-cropped TIFF).
	* PTCommon.c: Reluctantly commented out calls to TIFFSetWarningHandler and 
    TIFFSetErrorHandler...these cause to GCC to abort, with a series of errors 
    about multiple definition of TIFF functions in libpano and libtiff.  
    * PTCommon.c: Changed title bar of progress dialog to indicate currently 
    processing image number (indexed at 1) and total images to be processed.
	* ColourBrightness.c, PTMender.c : changed #include syntax
	* file.c: writePSD, writeLayerAndMask, writeChannelData, getImageRectangle, 
	addLayer.  Reworked to handle "cropped" files.
	* filter.h: getCropInformation. Adding declaration.
	* tiff.c: readTIFF.  Storing filename of TIFF in im->name.
	* panorama.h: Adding CropInfo struct...used for processed cropped images

	* pt_stdint.h: Fixing bad CR/LF combinations

2006-05-24  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (TiffSetImageParameters, TiffGetImageParameters):
	Make sure ROWSPERSTRIP is propagated.

2006-05-23  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (TiffGetImageParameters, TiffSetImageParameters):
	Make sure compression is propagated at further stages
	(CreatePanorama): Implemented support for C:NONE 
	(CreatePanorama): Implemented support for C:DEFLATE 
	(ComputeStitchingMask8bits): Removed redundant code.

2006-05-22  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c: Checked return value of each TIFFWriteScanline. It
	now returns an error when it cannot write to the output (instead of
	just continue blindly). Added Error and Warning handler for TIFF
	library so the errors are now reported using the PTtools error
	(CreatePSD): Make sure PSD is 8 bit if it contains more than 1
	layer (we do not support multi-layer 16bit images). Cleaned up the
	function and added some comments.
	(ComputeStitchingMask8bits): Cleanedup the function (still more
	work to do)

2006-05-20  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): Fixed a bug in TIFF_mask (the
	program was not ending after where it should have)

2006-05-15  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (CreatePanorama): Fixed a typo related to QTVR
	images. I also renamed Unknown07 to Create_QTVR

	* resample.c: Fixed compilation warnings by moving #define
	unsigned inside the body of the functions.

2006-05-16 Max Lyons (

	* resample.c: Fixing bug in fast transform logic that caused crash when 
	destRect.left != 0 (i.e. producing cropped TIFF output)

2006-05-15 Max Lyons (

	* Removed old versions of ptcommon and colourbrightness from the 
	tools...these had already been moved into libpano main directory

	* Updated Makefile.win32 to include missing references to sys_common.c, 
	PTCommon.c, hdrfile.c, rgbe.c, ColourBrightness.c...should now build 
	correctly using MingW

	* pano12.def: Removed duplicate entry for "StringtoFullPath" 
	(exported twice).

	* PTcommon.c: Changed #include <filter.h> to #include "filter.h" (this 
	prevented compilation with MingW)

	* PTcommon.c: Changed call to execute_stack to execute_stack_new (necessary 
	as a result of modification to Transformation function type)

	* PTcommon.c: Removed InsertFileName definition.  This is already defined 
	in PTPicker, and prevented compilation with MingW.

	* ColourBrightness.c: Changed #include <filter.h> to #include "filter.h" 
	(this prevented compilation with MingW)

	* PTBlender: Fixed comparison between pointer and integer error (line 102)

2006-05-07  dmg  <>

	* version.h: Updated version to 2.8.3
	* PTcommon.c (SetBestAlphaChannel16bits): Implemented function.

2006-05-06  dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c: (BlendLayers): Added support for 16 bit images.

	* PTcommon.c (BlendLayers16Bit): Added function. 

	* PTcommon.h (CreatePanorama): Added StringtoFullPath

	* pano12.def: Exported StringtoFullPath

	* PTcommon.h: removed <tiffio.h> from its includes. 

	* (STD_HDR): Install PTcommon.h

	* version.h: Updated version to 2.8.2 and improved ifdefs for
	easier maintenance

	* pano12.def: Added ColourBrightness, PTcommon definitions.

	* Moved ColourBrightness.{c,h}, PTcommon.{c,h} to this directory.

	* Added missing entries to Changelog 

2006-05-05 05:46:48  dangelo  (dangelo)

	* morpher.c: fixed return code

	* math.c: MSVC does not provide atanh.

	* libpano.vcproj: updated MSVC project file. Use $WXWIDGETS_HOME
	and $JDK_HOME environment variables instead of hardcoded paths

2006-04-28 06:39:00  dangelo  (dangelo)

	* libpano12.def, pano12.def, pano12vc.def, pano12vcd.def: export
	exectute_stack_new in windows .dll

2006-04-27  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ChangeLog,, version.h: update version to 2.8.1

2006-04-26  dmg (dmg)

	* ChangeLog: updated changelog to match last 2 changes (including
	the change to the ChangeLog :)

2006-04-25 23:31:09  dangelo  (dangelo)

	* doc/stitch.txt: added new projection types to documentation

2006-04-25 20:09:26  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog to the autogenerated one (had
	been clobbered)

2006-04-21 07:00:21  dangelo  (dangelo)

	* rgbe.c: previous commit errornously replaced #include <stdlib.h>
	with malloc.h.	revert to #include <stdlib.h>

2006-04-20 23:01:41  dangelo  (dangelo)

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, adjust.c, filter.h, math.c, morpher.c,
	pano12.def, pano12vc.def, pano12vcd.def, panorama.h, parser.c,
	queryfeature.c, rgbe.c: added stereographic, mercator, transverse
	mercator and sinusoidal projection.  Transverse mercator does not
	work properly yet. Modified all coordinate transform functions
	to return if the transformation was possible. (Not used during
	stitching yet)

2006-04-19 21:09:13  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* sys_common.c: Fix for previous patch for customizing libpano12
	error and progress output (Pablo D'Angelo)

2006-04-14 21:10:59  dmg  (dmg)

	* ChangeLog: update changelog for previous commit

2006-04-14 20:27:52  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* AUTHORS,, filter.h, libpano12.def, pano12.def,
	pano12vc.def, pano12vcd.def, queryfeature.c, queryfeature.h,
	sys_X11.c, sys_ansi.c, sys_common.c, sys_mac.c, sys_win.c:
	Allow applications to supply their own callback functions for
	error and progress reporting.  (Pablo d'Angelo)

2006-04-11 03:41:59  dmg  (dmg)

	* ChangeLog, tools/PTblender.c, tools/PTmender.c: released
	version 0.4.0 of PTmender and PTblender

	* tools/PTcommon.h, tools/PTmender.c, tools/PTmender.h,
	tools/README.PTmender, ChangeLog, tools/PTblender.c,
	tools/PTcommon.c: 2006-04-10  dmg  <>

	* toos/README.PTmender: updated it.

	* tools/PTmender.h: removed some prototypes from the file that
	belong now to PTcommon.h

	* tools/PTmender.c: added support for flattening tiffs (including,
	by extension, JPG and PNG support).

	* tools/PTcommon.h: moved pt_tiff_parms into it, moved some
	prototypes from tools/PTmender.h

	* tools/PTcommon.c: Added blending of TIFFs into a single
	one. JPG creation.

	* tools/PTblender.c: added JPG creation.

2006-04-09 23:07:38  dmg  (dmg)

	* ChangeLog, rgbe.c: 2006-04-09  dmg  <>

	* rgbe.c: Replaced #include <malloc.h> with <stdlib.h> to avoid
	MacOS compilation error

2006-03-10 11:17:24  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* resample.c: Fix for gcc compilation error (Thomas Rauscher)

2006-03-09 21:29:57  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* tools/.cvsignore: ignore non-source files

2006-03-01 07:12:17  maxlyons  (maxlyons)

	* tools/PTmender.c: Added ability to produce "cropped" output
	files in tiff_m and tiff_mask format.  Unfortunately, it doesn't
	currently work when the fast transform (f0 option in m line)
	so make sure not to include this option in stitcher script.
	Added ability to produce LZW compressed output.  Use following
	syntax: p w1237 h952 f1 u0 v115 n"TIFF_m r:CROP c:LZW" Modified
	the number of rows per strip of TIFF data to be 1.  Code cleanup
	(removing goto statements, etc.), give variables more descriptive
	names, and added a lot of comments/documentation.

	* tools/PTcommon.h, tools/PTmender.h: Moving declaration of
	InsertFileName.  Adding TIFFTAGs for full image width/length
	(in case not present in tiff.h)

2006-02-27 22:38:24  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* tools/.cvsignore: add .deps to .cvsignore

	* tools/.cvsignore: cvs should ignore not

	*, bmp.c, filter.h, hdrfile.c, queryfeature.c,
	resample.c, rgbe.c, rgbe.h: Support for radiance 32bit float
	.hdr files (Thomas Rauscher)

	* ChangeLog: updated ChangeLog from CVS commit messages

2006-02-21 10:19:20  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/PTcommon.c, tools/ChangeLog: 06-02-21  dmg

	* PTcommon.c: Replaced InsertFileName with the one from ptpicker.c
	(patch submitted by Max Lyons)

2006-02-20 19:07:22  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog: Fixed spelling mistake in ChangeLog

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/PTcommon.c, tools/PTmender.c,
	tools/PTtiff2psd.c: 2006-02-20	dmg  <>

	* PTcommon.c (AddStitchingMasks): Removed exit that I was using
	during debugging.

	* PTtiff2psd.c (PT_TIFF2PSD_USAGE): Added name of default
	output file.

	* PTmender.c (ComputeStitchingMask8bits,
	SetBestAlphaChannel8bits, CalculateAlphaChannel,
	ApplyFeather8bits, ApplyFeather16bits, ApplyFeather): Removed
	functions, they are  already in PTcommon.c

	* PTmender.c: Removed test code for TEST_ENABLE_COLOUR_CORRECTION

	Changes submitted by Max Lyonx:

	* PTcommon.c: Moved InsertFileName to this file from
	PTmender.c. It should be compiled only under Windows.

	* PTmender.c (main): Changed 0x6f for 'o'.

	* tools/PTcommon.c, tools/PTcommon.h: I forgot to commit these

2006-02-17 17:56:04  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ColourBrightness.c, tools/, tools/PTblender.c,
	tools/PTmender.c, tools/PTmender.h, tools/PTtiff2psd.c,
	tools/ChangeLog: 2006-01-23  dmg  <>

	* PTblender.c (main): There was an extra colon in the spec of
	the command line options (reported by josh at joshdoe com)

	* PTcommon.c (SetBestAlphaChannel8bits): Fixed minor bug.

	2006-01-20  dmg  <>

	* (bin_PROGRAMS): Added PTtiff2psd.

	* PTblender.c (main): Freed pointers. Added call to
	VerifyTiffsAreCompatible.  Added include to PTcommon.h

	* PTmender.h: Moved quietFlag from this one to PTcommon.h

	* PTmender.c: Added include to PTcommon.h, extracted CreatePSD,
	and CreateStitchingMasks.

	* PTtiff2psd.c: Created program.

	* PTcommon.h (VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): Created file, added

	* PTcommon.c (VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): Created file, and
	added function. Moved CreatePSD and CreateStitchingMasks from

2006-01-20 04:02:35  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/PTblender.c: 06-01-19	dmg

	* PTblender.c (main): If no files were specified in the command
	line, then print usage.

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c,
	tools/ColourBrightness.h, tools/, tools/PTblender.c,
	tools/PTmender.c: 2006-01-19  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (main): Used PATH_SEP instead of / to get it to
	work under Windogs.  (CreateStitchingMasks): Removed unnecessary

	* PTblender.c: Added program.

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Changed call to ColourBrightness
	to match new prototype. See below.  Moved ReplaceExt from to

	* ColourBrightness.h: Changed prototypes (see below).

	* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectFileColourBrightness): Add an
	extra parameter to handle different input and output file names.
	(ColourBrightness): Added an extra parameter to handle different
	input and output filename. If the input filename is different
	from output, then process file.  (ReplaceExt): Moved it here
	from PTmender.c

2006-01-16 01:01:58  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c: Removed useless

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c: Fixed a bug in

	* tools/ChangeLog: Minor edit change

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/PTmender.c: 2006-01-15  dmg

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Found a bug. strcmp
	did not include ==0.  (ComputeStitchingMask8bits):
	Implemented function.  (CalculateAlphaChannel): Implemented
	function.  (SetBestAlphaChannel8bits): Implemented function.
	(CreateStitchingMasks): Found an error: Progress returns zero
	when not error, not !=0. Also, I forgot return -1 (ApplyFeather):
	Implemented function.  (SetBestAlphaChannel8bits): Fixed a bug
	in the function. Wrong condition in loop.  (PT_MENDER_VERSION):
	Bumped version to 0.3. Released.

	2006-01-14  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (CreatePSD): Implemented function.
	(TiffSetImageParameters): Added function.  (CreateStitchingMasks):
	Implemented function.  (ComputeStitchingMask): Implemented

2006-01-15 06:59:44  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	*, Add endian check. OS check only is
	not sufficient

2006-01-12 19:27:27  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c, tools/PTmender.c:
	2006-01-12  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c: Remove fprintfs

	* PTmender.c: Enabled colour correction. Ready for
	testing. Upgraded version to 0.2: "the Enlightment"

	* ColourBrightness.c (Unknown40): Fixed another bug. This time
	it was the data type of a variable. It was double, not integer!

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c,
	tools/ColourBrightness.h, tools/PTmender.c, tools/README.PTmender:
	006-01-12  dmg	<>

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Reduced the size of the cache
	to 500kbytes

	* ColourBrightness.c: Improved readibility of many functions.
	(RemapHistogram): Another bug. Divided a/b instead of b/a.

	2006-01-11  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c: (ComputeColourBrightnessCorrection)
	Found another bug (limit of for loop was < 0xff not <= 0xff).
	(ComputeColourBrightnessCorrection): Cleaned up the function,
	renamed variables to make them meaninful. Killed another
	bug. Again, a/b instead of b/a (CorrectFileColourBrightness):
	Another bug. Missundertood return value from readTIFF: it is zero
	when success, -1 when it is not.  (CorrectImageColourBrigthness):
	Another bug. im->data is a pointer to the pointer to the
	actual data, not a pointer to the data!  Took advante of the
	editing and cleaned up the code and renamed some veriables.
	(DisplayHistogramsError): Refactored this function from

	* ColourBrightness.h, ColourBrightness.c: Renamed Unknown41 to
	ComputeAdjustmentCurve. Renamed Unknown37 to RemapHistogram. I
	have added assertions and debug code everywhere. Renamed Unknown33
	to MapFunction. Updated callers accordingly.

	2006-01-10  dmg  <>

	* ColourBrightness.c: (ComputeColourBrightnessCorrection):
	Another bug: incorrect number of daisies.

2006-01-10 12:27:27  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c, tools/,
	tools/PTmender.c, tools/README.PTmender: 1-10  dmg

	* ColourBrightness.c: I changed all mallocs to callocs. I also
	added and removed some debug messages, and added optional use
	of the dmalloc library.  (InitializeMagnolia): fixed a bug. I
	had allocated sizeof(pointer) rather than sizeof(thing pointed
	by pointer). What an amateur!  (ColourBrightness): Another bug,
	I was freeing an incorrect number of histograms.  (Unknown33):
	Fixed another bug. I referenced last element as array[n] instead
	of the correct way array[n-1].	(Unknown37): Another bug 2 bugs. I
	had missed a set of parenthesis in an expression. The next line
	had a couple of errors too.  (FreeHistograms): Another bug. One
	free  was in the wrong place.

	* README.PTmender: Updated it.

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Disabled code for colour

	* (AM_CPPFLAGS): Added flags for TIFF and JPEG to
	the compilation of the programs.

2006-01-09 21:54:36  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* update version to 2.8.0

2006-01-09 19:55:02  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/ColourBrightness.c,
	tools/ColourBrightness.h, tools/PTmender.c, tools/README.PTmender:
	2006-01-09  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Fixed a bug that affected cropped
	images. I think TIFF_m is ready for the masses. The tests I have
	performed are promising.  (main): Added a Version message for
	its official release. Initial release: 0.1

	* ColorBrightness.c, ColorBrightness.h: First bug: I got burned
	by the fact that chars are by default signed. I changed any use
	of char to unsigned.

	* tools/ColourBrightness.c, tools/ColourBrightness.h,
	tools/ChangeLog, tools/, tools/PTmender.c: 2006-01-09
	dmg  <>

	* (PTmender_SOURCES): Added colourBrightness.*
	to PTmender

	* PTmender.c: Renamed CreatePanorama, removed old function stub

	* ColorBrightness.c, ColorBrightness.h: added files. All the
	functions for colourBrightness have been created, but they do
	not work.

	2006-01-04  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (main): Fixed another bug, in the case that no files
	were specified in the command line.  (ARGtoRGBAImage): Fixed
	another bug (a line I duplicated, but that I did not update).
	(CreatePanorama): Replaced assertion on colourCorreection. I
	had misinterpreted what the value was.

2005-12-25 03:14:42  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ I really removed -Wall -g this time

	* tools/.cvsignore, tools/ChangeLog, tools/,
	tools/PTmender.c: 2005-12-25  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (main,CreatePanorama): Fixed 5 more bugs. I am able
	to stitch the first one photo panorama!

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/, tools/PTmender.c,
	tools/PTmender.h: 005-12-24  dmg  <>

	* Removed -Wall from make process

	* PTmender.c (main): Fixed 3 bugs.  (CreatePanorama): Fixed 2 bugs

2005-12-23 00:59:10  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog: fixed minor typo in ChangeLog

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/PTmender.c: 2005-12-23  dmg

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): It appears now to be complete. We
	have all the code for TIFF_m without brightness adjustement. Time
	to start planning the testing phase.

2005-12-22 23:27:47  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/PTmender.c, tools/PTmender.h: 2005-12-22
	dmg  <>

	* PTmender.h: Renamed Unknown09 to

	* PTmender.c (Clear_Area_Outside_Selected_Region): Created
	function. This completes all the functions needed for TIFF_m.

2005-12-21 23:38:34  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/, tools/PTmender.c,
	tools/PTmender.h: 2005-12-21  dmg  <>

	* PTmender.h (InsertFileName): added prototype.

	* (PTmender_LDADD): We now require the tiff
	library too.  (AM_CFLAGS): Added -Wall. I need to catch _any_
	potential error.

	* PTmender.c, PTmender.h (ARGtoRGBAImage): Renamed Unknown08 to
	ARGtoRGBAImage and implemented it.

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/, tools/PTmender.c: 2005-12-21
	dmg  <>

	* I forgot that OS X is case insensitive (even though it is case
	preserving). I have renamed ptmender.h to PTmender.h. Updated and PTmender.c (thanks to Bruno Postle for noticing

	* PTmender.c (CreatePanorama): Fixed some bugs during code review
	of CreatePanorama (CreatePanorama): Changed name of Unknown28
	to Colour_Brightness

	* tools/PTmender.h, tools/ptmender.h: renamed ptmender.h to

	* tools/ChangeLog, tools/README.PTmender: 2005-12-21  dmg

	* README.PTmender: Added an explanation of its command line

	* tools/PTmender.c, tools/ptmender.h, tools/ChangeLog: 2005-12-21
	dmg  <>

	* PTmender.c (main): Completed main.  (sorting_function): Added
	it to sort files if -s

2005-12-20 15:43:49  dmg  (dmg)

	* tools/.cvsignore, tools/ChangeLog, tools/,
	tools/PTmender.c, tools/README.PTmender, tools/ptmender.h:
	2005-12-20  dmg  <>

	* README.PTmender: Added this file.

	* PTmender.c, PTmender.h: I created these two files. Created the
	functions ReplaceExt, InsertFileName, and CreatePanorama. It
	has also all the skeletons to all the functions that need to
	be rewritten.

	* Modified to add PTStitcher. The program currently
	compiles, but does nothing.

	* Created the ChangeLog.

2005-12-13 04:04:21  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* makefile.win32: added missing ZComb.o

2005-12-07 04:42:55  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* tools/PTStitcher.cpp, tools/PTStitcher.vcproj: Add
	PTstitcher.exe helper tool This is to replace the original

	* tools/PTpano12.dsp, tools/PTpano12.vcproj,
	tools/PTpano12_readme.txt, tools/ptpano12.cpp, tools/ptpano12.def,
	tools/ptpano12.h: Add too PTpano12 This tool will intercepts
	calls, displays info, and then calls original pano12.dll with
	the same parameters.  It then passes back the return values back
	to the original caller.

2005-11-25 07:07:34  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: update to ver 2.8

2005-11-24 11:14:58  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ChangeLog: Updated chnagelog from CVS commit messages

	* updated to release

2005-11-23 04:46:13  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: update to ver .14

	* sys_win.c: MSVS memory tracking tools

	* sys_win.h: remove build warning

	* adjust.c, parser.c: fix possible double delete or delete of null

2005-11-16 12:40:52  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ChangeLog: updated from cvs commit messages

	* updated to release

2005-11-16 06:47:08  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: update to ver .13

	* libpano.vcproj: do not use MSVCP71.DLL

	* ZComb.c: Fix "Bounds error"

2005-11-09 12:31:51  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* updated to version

2005-11-09 05:42:16  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* adjust.c, filter.h, resample.c, seamer_.c, version.h: Fix
	inverse transform Add number to aa_transform Increase ver to .12

	* math.c: fix 64bit process slow down

	* parser.c, tiff.c: fix possible memory leak / double free

2005-11-03 11:54:31  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* Add Xcode project files to dist archive target

2005-10-27 03:13:37  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* doc/Optimize.txt, doc/stitch.txt: Added Antialiasing filter

	* libpano.vcproj: Updated Windows project

2005-10-26 00:19:27  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* resample.c: Added the dual-color modes to the transform_aa
	and cleaned the code, rename 4 variables...

2005-10-24 03:27:23  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* PanoTools.pbproj.tgz: A project file for Apple's "XCode" IDE,
	for developers who like to use Apple's tool.

	* adjust.c, filter.h, resample.c: combine makePano with MyMakePano
	and transform with MyTransform to remove duplicate code and
	prepair to make MyTransform multiprocessor aware

2005-10-23 05:20:25  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* resample.c, resample.c, NEWS: alpha mask threshold bug fix

2005-10-22 03:58:52  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* NEWS, AUTHORS, correct.c, queryfeature.c, resample.c, version.h:
	Do not process unchanged color channels for CA correction

2005-10-19 03:06:32  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* AUTHORS, NEWS, version.h: update changes

	* adjust.c, filter.h, panorama.h, parser.c, queryfeature.c,
	resample.c: ByThomas Rauscher, Added antialiasing filters

	* file.c, filter.c, tiff.c: ByThomas Rauscher, Added support
	32bit float files

2005-10-18 23:33:24  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* bmp.c: allow to read both top to bottom or bottom to top
	BMP files

	* panorama.h: remove incorrect filer_main()

2005-05-22 12:44:04  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* version.h: Update all versions

	*, filter.c, queryfeature.c, version.h: Correct
	behaviour for mode=_usedata

2005-05-18 13:40:39  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* NEWS,, version.h: Changed version to
	for release

2005-05-12 02:24:07  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* libpano.vcproj: update for VC .Net

2005-05-07 15:17:07  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* lmdif.c, multilayer.c, panotypes.h, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c,
	resample.c, sys_ansi.c: Explicitly mark unused variables and
	remove GCC warning

2005-05-05 05:06:51  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* queryfeature.c: Modify sense of Java test

2005-05-04 15:08:57  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

	* filter.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe casts.

	* file.c: Use decimal instead of hex constants

	* pan.c: Use 64 bit safe casts.

	* PTDialogs.c: Correct typo

	* perspect.c: Use 64 bit clean data types.

	* morpher.c, jpeg.c, fourier.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use
	64 bit safe casts.

	* file.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe
	to accurately reflect their purpose.

	* correct.c: Use 64 bit safe casts.

	* sys_ansi.c, sys_win.c: Use 64 bit clean parameter declarations.

	* tiff.c: Use 64 bit clean data types and types defined in tiff.h
	where appropriate

	* resample.c: Use 64 bit clean data types.

	* queryfeature.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use 64 bit safe
	const instead of define

	* ppm.c: Use 64 bit clean data types. Use correct format
	specifiers for 32/64 bit

	* parser.c: Use correct format specifiers for 32/64 bit

	* panorama.h, filter.h: use 64 bit clean types

	* fftn.h, fftn.c: Correct data widths for 32/64 bit use

	* Triangulate.c: Use floating point version of abs() to avoid
	conversion errors

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: gcc 2.95 on ppc barfs if local variables
	defined late

	*, panotypes.h: Add panotypes.h header for 32/64
	bit support

	* m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, Small fixes for darwin

2005-05-01 14:41:18  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* PTDialogs.c, multilayer.c, pteditor.c, resample.c: Supress
	unused parameter warning on msvc.

	* sys_win.h: Correct function declarations.

	* sys_win.c: Correct function declarations. remove unused local
	variables. Supress unused parameter warning on msvc.

	* ptpicker.c: Update function declaration. Supress unused
	parameter warning on msvc

	* optimize.c: Remove redundant function declaration

	* lmdif.c: Update function declarations. Remove redundant function
	declarations. Supress unused parameter warnings on msvc

	* file.c: Replace (char)255 with 0xFF so that msvc won't complain

	* correct.c: Initialise a few more variables.

	* adjust.h: Add one more function declaration

	* adjust.c: Initialise variables. Correct typing error. Update
	function declaration

2005-04-30 18:55:27  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* queryfeature.c: Add note in queryfeature if java support
	is disabled

	* Add msvc files to autotools

	* libpano.vcproj, pano12vc.def, pano12vcd.def: Add project file
	for msvc and support files

	* resample.c: Fix cast-as-lvalue warning. Add function
	declarations. Ensure all variables initialised. Remove unused
	variables. Fix cast scope. Fix fprintf format string

	* ptpicker.c: Correct sprintf format strings

	* lmdif.c: Correct function declarations. Remove unused
	variables. Remove redundant functions

	* fourier.c: Remove unused variables. Comment out unused code

	* filter.c: Ensure variables initialised. Fix cast scope

	* file.c: Fix multi-character char const warning. Remove unused
	variables. Fix signed/unigned comparison warnings

	* adjust.c: Add function declarations. Ensure variables
	initialised. Comment out unused code. Correct sprintf format

	* adjust.h: Add new header

	* fftn.c: Fix signed/unsigned warnings

	* correct.c: Fix cast-as-lvalue error. Ensure all variables

	* Add new files to automake system

	* optimize.c: Remove unused variables. Add function declarations

	* ptpicker.c: Remove unused variable

	* parser.c: Add function declarations. Correct printf/scanf
	format definitions. Add default case to switch statement

	* ZComb.c, ZComb.h, tiff.c: Move Z combining code to it's own
	files. Fix parameter declaration in tiff.c

	* pteditor.c, ptpicker.c, resample.c, adjust.c, lmdif.c: Remove
	#pragma unused (not used by gcc or msvc)

	* tools/PTOptimizer.c: Remove unused variables. Add explicit
	function declaration

	* sys_win.h: Correct parameter declaration

	* sys_ansi.c: Remove unused variable

	* remap.c: Add explicit variable initialisation

	* pteditor.c: Add explicit function declaration

	* png.c: Fix data type. Fix Optimise bug

	* Triangulate.c: Remove unused variable

2005-04-22 15:30:14  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* javastub.c: Required for --without-java support

	* pano12.rc: Correct rc language version (messages are in english
	not german)

	*, Add --without-java support

2005-02-26 08:14:10  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* panorama.h: __INTEL__ cannot be used as a test for windows

2005-02-17 14:37:46  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* Update version number

2005-02-04 08:38:21  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* adjust.c, parser.c, queryfeature.c, version.h: Fix bug when
	cropping outside of image  - Joost Nieuwenhuijse

2005-01-12 08:03:39  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, Add initial support
	in autotools for the 64 bit linux platform. Remove default
	search paths

2005-01-07 09:26:30  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* tools/.cvsignore, tools/, build/win32/,
	doc/, m4/, build/,,
	bootstrap, Ensure maintainer-clean and distcheck
	targets work. Disable maintainer-mode in dist tarball.

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: Put only _really_ required includes in
	JAVA_FLAGS. Should fix problem on Debian with gcj.

2004-12-01 01:44:33  specu  (specu)

	* sys_win.c: add title to the PrintError messagebox

	* sys_win.c: fix typo

	* version.h: replace non ASCII char with (c) - fix for bug 1076139

2004-11-23 19:43:16  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* doc/.cvsignore, m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, m4/ax_check_java.m4,, Fixes for build (cygwin now compiles,
	but need to add README.cygwin to explain how). Also add .cvsignore
	to doc subdir.

	* libpano12.def: Add libpano12.def used to create the import
	library on windows. This is the same as pano12.def, but does not
	re-export the TIFFxxxx symbols from the tiff library (which can
	cause some hard-to-track errors)

2004-11-22 19:24:54  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* tools/, build/, build/README,
	build/win32/.cvsignore, build/win32/,
	build/win32/compile-resource, build/win32/lt-compile-resource,
	m4/ax_check_java.m4, build/.cvsignore,,
	Fixes for mingw and cygwin build. Note that cygwin build still
	has a few problems.

	* m4/.cvsignore, tools/.cvsignore, .cvsignore: Add cvs ignore

2004-11-16 09:08:51  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ChangeLog: *** empty log message ***

	* doc/stitch.txt,,, doc/,
	doc/Optimize.txt: Added updated documentation for PTStitcher
	and PTOptimizer.

	* NEWS, Updated for release

2004-11-16 06:08:41  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: Official release, Updated to version

	* optimize.c: Fix small memory leak, as reported by Pablo d'Angelo

2004-11-10 09:46:25  dwilkins42  (dwilkins42)

	* m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, Update mac support in
	the build files

2004-11-10 08:32:33  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* Stop configure when it can't find libjpeg, zlib,
	libtiff, libpng or java (Douglas Wilkins)

	* tools/ Allow out of tree builds.	Remove an
	unnecessary osx hack.

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: Add a path to find java on osx 10.1
	(Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-09 18:04:40  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: small changes to allow for the sun java
	packaged by (Douglas Wilkins)

	* tools/, panorama.h: Fixes to build on osx, though
	not ideal.

	* m4/ax_check_java.m4: fixes to detect java libraries

	* tools/ Add AM_LDFLAGS=-L.. so the tools can link
	to the just-built library

	* allow older versions of autoconf

	* Add some likely include paths for building on a mac

	* tools/, AUTHORS, ChangeLog,,
	NEWS, README, bootstrap,, m4/,
	m4/ax_check_graphics.m4, m4/ax_check_java.m4: Added new libtool,
	automake, autoconf build system.  Needs testing on various

2004-11-08 19:35:10  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* Makefile, README.linux,, makefile.win32,
	tools/makefile panoinfo, tools/makefile ptoptimizer,
	tools/makefile.panoinfo.win32, tools/makefile.ptoptimizer.win32:
	Renamed Makefile as it would be clobbered by upcoming automake
	build system.  Renamed files with spaces as they confuse make.
	Modified README files as appropriate.

2004-10-15 16:28:22  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* jpeg.c, queryfeature.c, version.h: Turned on JPEG optimization -
	disable in script file

2004-10-07 15:06:34  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: Official release, Updated to version

2004-09-27 06:32:10  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: Unix version of PanoInfo

	* version.h: Updated to new version - rc1

	* resample.c: Updated fastTransform - removed bugs

	* sys_win.c: disable warnings for unknown tags for TIFF files

	* queryfeature.c: Fix asserts with Microsoft compilers

2004-09-22 19:59:25  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* correct.c, filter.c, resample.c: Reduce the number of times
	the status bar gets updated.  From every 5 lines to every 2%.
	Speed increase using plugin from 4:30 down to 1:30 with 5000
	pixel high image

	* math.c: Fix PTCorrect vignetting correction.	Use same amount
	of correction with 16 and 8 bit files.	16 bit too dark

2004-07-20 03:55:59  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* file.c: Fix PTAdjust saving 16 bit files loaded from plug-in
	as too dark.

	* version.h: new version

	* seamer_.c: Fix 16 bit PTAdjust blend method paste,  remove
	black border  - Jim Watters

	* ptpicker.c: Fix PTEditor to open files

	* filter.h: Remove many type size warnings

	* PTDialogs.c, pano12.rc, sys_win.h: Fix path and file input
	with dialog boxes.  Now accept path with spaces.  Updating edit
	control is remembered.

2004-07-18 03:20:52  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* adjust.c: Speed up adding an alpha channel to image -
	Jim Watters

2004-07-15 23:01:16  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* tools/panoinfo.c: Remove unused variables

	* version.h: Set to Alpha 4

	* queryfeature.c: Update with new features - mask for focus,
	Faster, PSD & 16bit bug fix

	* sys_win.h: Fix propper dialog names for Windows plug-ins -
	Jim Watters

	* tiff.c: Added Combining images of different focus by Rik

	* filter.c, filter.h, morpher.c, parser.c, resample.c: Added
	Faster transformations by Fulvio Senore and with morphing by
	Rik Littlefields

	* file.c: Fix problem with large PSD files with image width
	> 16384 and heavy file swapping and updated hasFeather.
	Rik Littlefield & Jim Watters

	* correct.c, file.c, filter.c, filter.h, math.c: Fix 16bit plug-in
	for Radial Shift and PTAdjust - Kevin Kratzke & Jim Watters

2004-07-13 02:51:28  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* file.c: Dynamically allocate scanline buffer in
	writeWhiteBackground, to avoid buffer overflow and crash on
	large images.

	* queryfeature.c: made to work with microsoft compiler

2004-06-06 03:13:35  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* version.h: increased version #

	* Makefile: add missing bracket

2004-05-30 01:41:24  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* tools/makefile ptoptimizer: makefile for ptoptimizer

	* tools/makefile panoinfo, tools/panoinfo.c: Small application
	to test the query feature functions of pano12 library.

	* queryfeature.c, queryfeature.h, Makefile, makefile.linux,
	makefile.mac, makefile.osx, pano12.def, pano12.rc, version.h:
	Functions to determine properties of this specific pano12 library.
	Features are name/value pairs. The name is string and the value
	can be either an integer, double or string. Boolean values are
	encoded as integers (0=false, 1=true)

	* adjust.c, filter.h, filter.r, optimize.c, parser.c: Rik
	Littlefield's Improved optimizer. Better.  Faster.  Stronger.
	The method used here is a hybrid of two optimization strategies.
	In the first strategy, fcnPano is configured to return one
	function per control point, that function being total distance
	without regard for direction.  In the second strategy, fcnPano
	is configured to return two functions per control point, those
	functions being distance in two directions, typically longitude
	and latitude.

2004-05-03 11:56:45  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* makefile.osx: Partially working OS X makefile.  This creates
	a statically linkable .a archive that can be used to build a
	working PTOptimizer like so: make -f makefile.osx && cd tools &&
	gcc -o PTOptimizer -I.. -L/sw/lib -L.. -ljpeg -ltiff -lpano12

2004-03-18 02:06:00  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* resample.c: Radial Shift, when colors channels have different
	values and d is > 1 would give incorrect results around the edge
	of the image

2003-12-30 16:41:38  jim0watters  (jim0watters)

	* file.c: Fix odd size PSD files and reading multilayer PSD files

	* adjust.c, filter.c: Fix return, for compile warning.

2003-12-30 10:37:48  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* Makefile, pano12.def, resample.c: Files somehow got converted
	to DOS format, fixed

2003-12-20 11:51:46  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* tools/PTOptimizer.c: Initial commit, this is intended to be
	a drop-in replacement for the binary-only PTOptimizer, seems
	to work.

2003-12-20 00:04:37  bret_mckee  (bret_mckee)

	* Makefile, pano12.def, resample.c: Changes to get ptools to
	compile under windows: - Makefile modified to build the supporing
	libraries if they are present - pano12.def - removed comments
	which were causing syntax errors - resample.c - change a reference
	to an undefined (and dangerous looking) function to sprintf

2003-12-16 21:56:15  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* jpeg.c, png.c, tiff.c: Mac specific changes related to file
	paths (Kekus Digital)

	* adjust.c, pano12.def, resample.c: Two new functions: MyMakePano
	and MyTransForm are PTMac specific (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-14 18:32:41  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* README.mac,, README.linux: These instructions
	are out-of-date (Helmut Dersch)

	* gpl.txt: The content of Copying.html from the original
	sources converted to text is identical (apart from formatting)

2003-12-13 12:03:45  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* ptpicker.c: changed 'picker' to 'gpicker' (a namespace
	conflict?) (Kekus Digital)

	* PTDialogs.c: minor dialog text change (Kekus Digital)

	* filter.h, panorama.h: mac specific changes to build using carbon
	(Kekus Digital)

	* PixMap.c, PixMap.h, filter.r, pict.c, sys_mac.c, sys_mac.h:
	Mac specific changes, mostly porting gui to carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-12 17:32:07  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* PixMap.c, PixMap.h, filter.r, makefile.mac, pict.c, shell_mac.c,
	sys_mac.c, sys_mac.h: Extra files required for mac compilation
	as distributed by Helmut Dersch.

	* sys_X11.c, sys_X11.h: Found two files in the macintosh sources
	that appear to be gtk+ dialog boxes for a linux front-end,
	the more the merrier.

2003-12-01 22:19:14  brunopostle  (brunopostle)

	* Makefile: Makefile modifications to build with mingw2.0
	(Max Lyons)

	* filter.h: Reduce random luminance effect for photoshop plugin
	(Jim Watters)

	* file.c: Fix to export psd files in a better way (Jim Watters)

	* adjust.c: Feature to allow linking of roll, pitch and yaw
	parameters when optimising (Jim Watters)

	* morpher.c: Fix for morph-to-fit that was causing intermittent
	crashes (Max Lyons)

	* correct.c, filter.h, math.c: Feature to randomise brightness
	correction in photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).  Anchor brightness
	correction to narrowest dimension of the source image rather
	than width for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).

	* file.c, filter.h, panorama.h, png.c, pteditor.c, ptpicker.c:
	Fix for BIGENDIAN namespace confict when compiling on Windows
	(Max Lyons).  Additional error messages when writing psd files
	(Max Lyons).

	* sys_win.c: Feature to add 'are you sure' dialog on Windows
	when hitting cancel button (Max Lyons)

	* sys_win.c, pano12.rc: Fix for memory problems on win95/98/me
	(Max Lyons).  Feature to show memory usage in Windows dialog box
	(Max Lyons).

	* bmp.c: Fix to bmp file output, bmp file dimensions need to be
	multiples of 4 (Max Lyons)

	* adjust.c, filter.h, parser.c: Straight-line control points
	feature added (Helmut Dersch).	g and t shear correction feature
	added (Helmut Dersch).	256 byte limit on script-file line length
	extended (Max Lyons).

	* makefile.linux: Modified CFLAGS to suit real location of linux
	java header files

	* makefile.linux, sys_ansi.h: Added two files needed to build on
	linux.	sys_ansi.h was originally missing from both the Windows
	and Linux sources, makefile.linux is the Makefile copied from
	the Linux source tarball.

	* ppm.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* ppm.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools
	library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December 2001.

	* sys_ansi.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* sys_ansi.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* Makefile: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* Makefile: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* multilayer.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* multilayer.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of
	Panorama Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch
	December 2001.

	* pano12.def: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* pano12.def: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* pano12.rc: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* pano12.rc: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* png.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* png.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools
	library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December 2001.

	* bmp.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* bmp.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools
	library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December 2001.

	* jpeg.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* jpeg.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* seamer_.c: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* seamer_.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* tiff.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* tiff.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* pteditor.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* pteditor.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* ptpicker.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* ptpicker.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* Triangulate.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* Triangulate.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of
	Panorama Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch
	December 2001.

	* morpher.c: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* morpher.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* optimize.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* optimize.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* resample.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* resample.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* seamer.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* seamer.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* fftn.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* fftn.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* fourier.c: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* fourier.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* PTDialogs.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* PTDialogs.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of
	Panorama Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch
	December 2001.

	* math.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* math.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* pan.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* pan.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools
	library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December 2001.

	* file.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* file.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* lmdif.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* lmdif.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* remap.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* remap.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* adjust.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* adjust.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* perspect.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* perspect.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* correct.c: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* correct.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* sys_win.c: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* sys_win.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* filter.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* filter.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* parser.c: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* parser.c: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* ptutils.h: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* ptutils.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* sys_win.h: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* sys_win.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* version.h: branches:	1.1.1; Initial revision

	* version.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* f2c.h: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* f2c.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama Tools
	library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December 2001.

	* fftn.h: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* fftn.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* filter.h: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* filter.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* pteditor.h: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* pteditor.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December

	* panorama.h: branches:  1.1.1; Initial revision

	* panorama.h: Initial import of Windows Version 2.6b1 of Panorama
	Tools library Sources as distributed by Helmut Dersch December