libpano13 Log

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[a07dce] by dmg

2007-01-01 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.8

* parser.c (ParseScript): Added some comments to "z" option

* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): Add an end-of-line if none is
provided (to increase readbility of PrintError, but only when
stdout is used)

* AUTHORS: Updated my own URL. Order them in lexicographical order
by lastname

* TODO: Updated file.

* ZComb.c (ZCOMBLOGFILENAME): Changed name of log file for Zcomb
to something more appropriate.

* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectImageColourBrigthness): Fixed some
compilation warnings

* tools/PTmasker.c (main): Added support for focus enhancing (z
option in the old PTstitch script)

2007-01-01 22:07:21 Tree
[35f549] by dangelo

added dmg and myself

2007-01-01 19:42:38 Tree
[13a57e] by dangelo

fixed default output in PTmasker, compile PTroller when using MSVC

2006-12-31 08:38:08 Tree
[4f622c] by dangelo

MSVC build accidentally overwrote PTblender with PTmasker

2006-12-31 08:20:51 Tree
[5fdcda] by dangelo

fix signed vs unsigned warnings

2006-12-31 07:43:39 Tree
[1d5cc6] by dangelo

forgot to commit my message

2006-12-30 20:57:35 Tree
[1efbe6] by dmg

2006-12-26 dmg <>

* tiff.c (panoTiffDisplayInfo): Fixed compilation warning

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.7.

* math.c: Cleaned up some of the Lambert related code.

* tools/PTblender.c: Improved error message

* ptfeather.c: Improved the feathering algorithm, made sure 16
bits works too.

* ptstitch.c, ptstitch.h (panoStitchPixelChannelSet): Added function,
cleanedup panoStitchPixelChannelGet.

* metadata.c (panoImageBytesPerSample): Added function.

* tools/PTmasker.c (main): If one file is specified feather it,
otherwise do nothing.

* tiff.c, pttiff.h: (panoImageDispose): Disposes properly any
memory used by the Image data structure.

* ColourBrightness.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, PTcommon.c: replaced
myfree( with panoImageDispose.

* filter.c (panoMetadataFree): Set pointers to null once they have
been released.

2006-12-18 dmg <>

* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): The function had a limit of 256
bytes to print, and anything longer created a run time error. I
have changed it to deal with any lenght.

2006-12-27 07:29:10 Tree
[b11426] by brunopostle

Fix 'dist' target

2006-12-21 10:17:29 Tree
[609a79] by dangelo

added huber m-estimator

2006-12-18 21:35:49 Tree
[8c0781] by dangelo

use sys_ansi on windows

2006-12-17 13:28:28 Tree
[3d6230] by dangelo

fixed compilation problems with MSVC

2006-12-17 11:05:20 Tree
[073f66] by dmg

2006-12-15 dmg <>

* PTcommon.c (panoCreatePanorama): A pointer was freed more than

2006-12-16 07:33:54 Tree
[0632ab] by dmg

2006-12-15 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.6.

* tools/PTtiff2psd.c (PT_TIFF2PSD_USAGE): Updated help message

* PTcommon.c (panoPSDCreate): Added support for 1 input file only in
the creation of PSDs.

* tools/PTtiff2psd.c (main): Added support for 1 input file only.

* tiff.c (readTIFF): Reenable readTIFF and writeTIFF. pteditor
uses them.

2006-12-14 dmg <>

* file.c: Fixed major problems with PSD logic and PICT tags

* metadata.c (panoImageFullHeight): Darn. It was returning width
instead of height!

2006-12-16 01:37:56 Tree
[d028f0] by dangelo

added lambert azimuthal to queryfeature

2006-12-15 22:59:32 Tree
[e2a6cb] by dmg

2006-12-13 dmg <>

* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectFileColourBrightness): Another bug I
introduced when I replaced readTIFF with panoTiffRead. I need
regression testing :(

2006-12-14 04:35:40 Tree
[a8ddba] by dangelo

install file.h

2006-12-13 21:57:11 Tree
[a15038] by dmg

2006-12-12 dmg <>

* math.c (transmercator_erect): Make sure it returns 0 when the
width is infinite.

* adjust.c: Updated comments

* math.c (erect_transmercator): Make sure it only translates
points within the sphere (avoids duplication of the image).

2006-12-13 02:09:55 Tree
[125801] by dmg

2006-12-12 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.5.

* queryfeature.c: Added lambert Azimuthal projection

* math.c (erect_lambert, lambert_erect): Added lambert Azimuthal

* filter.h: Added Lambert Azimuthal projection

* panorama.h (enum): Added Lambert Azimuthal projection

* adjust.c (SetMakeParams, SetInvMakeParams): Added Lambert
Azimuthal projection

* parser.c (readAdjust,ParseScript): Added Lambert Azimuthal projection.

2006-12-12 21:44:29 Tree
[b8ae82] by dangelo

update changelog

2006-12-12 15:08:51 Tree
[9fed6f] by dangelo

make trunk buildable with MSVC 2003. Instructions at:

2006-12-12 15:08:05 Tree
[b2cf0e] by dmg

2006-12-11 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.4.

* tools/PTmender.c: Fixed a bug in the processing of the input files.

* queryfeature.c: Added lambert projection

* math.c (erect_lambert, lambert_erect): Added lambert projection

* filter.h: Added Lambert projection

* panorama.h (enum): Added Lambert projection

* adjust.c (SetMakeParams, SetInvMakeParams): Added Lambert projection

* parser.c (readAdjust,ParseScript): Added Lambert projection.

* adjust.c (SetInvMakeParams): Corrected error message.

2006-12-12 07:07:12 Tree
[1abff1] by dmg

Uncommented getCropInformation

2006-12-04 18:01:29 Tree
[679574] by dmg

added missing files

2006-12-04 17:52:32 Tree
[1feb11] by dmg

06-12-03 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.3.

* tiff.c (panoTiffDisplayInfo): Added function.

* parser.c (panoParserFindOLine): Added function.

2006-12-02 dmg <>

* PTinfo.c, (bin_PROGRAMS): Created new program

* metadata.c (panoMetadataCropSizeUpdate),
tiff.c (panoImageBoundingRectangleCompute): Fixed a bug in the
creation of cropped files. The full size tag was not being

* file.h, file.c (panoFileDeleteMultiple): Created function. Used
with -x option.

* PTcommon.h, PTcommon.c: Refactored main function from PTcrop
and PTuncrop.

* tools/PTcrop.c: allow the multiple files in the command line

* tools/PTmasker.c, tools/PTroller.c, tools/PTblender.c, tools/PTcrop.c: Add -x switch

2006-11-30 dmg <>

* parser.c (READ_OPT_VAR): Bug fix: changed a format spec from %k
to %d

2006-11-28 dmg <>

* tools/PTmender.c (PT_MENDER_USAGE): Updated usage message

2006-12-04 07:03:04 Tree
[28d66e] by dmg

updated usage of PTmender

2006-11-29 05:22:51 Tree
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