libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[9b59c0] by dmg

Now both types of tilt/mosaic modes live happily together, new test parms

2009-09-26 05:34:37 Tree
[fd99ad] by dangelo

Mosaic mode based on camera position (not compiled by default).

2009-09-22 19:46:33 Tree
[2aa50c] by kornelbenko

Added needed libraries to create tools

2009-09-21 06:30:35 Tree
[4566a2] by brunopostle

update ChangeLog

2009-09-20 21:32:54 Tree
[150b5d] by brunopostle

The cmake stuff should be available in the automake tarball

2009-09-20 21:08:13 Tree
[c45c1b] by brunopostle

Bump soname to 2:0:0 for real this time

2009-09-20 20:52:43 Tree
[0c6c33] by kornelbenko

creation of static pano13 library too

2009-09-20 12:40:55 Tree
[578c62] by kornelbenko

white space

2009-09-20 06:52:49 Tree
[aa8e5e] by kornelbenko

Don't compile PTAInterpolate if no JAVA, it uses writeProject() from

2009-09-19 19:06:07 Tree
[c84d46] by kornelbenko

use javastub.c if noa java available

2009-09-19 17:26:49 Tree
[5f9ab3] by jim0watters

fixed getROI to not clip the nadir and zenith shots when outputting as cropped tiffs.

2009-09-19 15:06:10 Tree
[b2103b] by kornelbenko

Enable test of our only two simple tests.

In build-tree one has first to call "make".
After this one may call "make test" to actually execute the tests.

2009-09-19 12:59:24 Tree
[9ece27] by kornelbenko

Add installation of lib/pkgconfig/libpano13.pc

2009-09-19 06:21:48 Tree
[11619e] by kornelbenko

Added tools directory

2009-09-19 05:41:17 Tree
[f3d193] by dmg

2009-09-18 <dmg@phosphorus>

* CMakeLists.txt: Moved wx-widgets into Windows-only part

2009-09-19 02:47:01 Tree
[f7217b] by tksharpless

CMakeLists.txt now requires version 2.6

2009-09-19 02:41:59 Tree
[ba22b3] by kornelbenko

Create symbolic links to

2009-09-18 23:35:54 Tree
[40fc79] by jim0watters

Update the optimize and stitch scripts to document Tilt.

2009-09-18 22:35:09 Tree
[98f7db] by kornelbenko

Added installation of manuals

2009-09-18 21:59:07 Tree
[1faaec] by dmg

added sentence on mailing list to policy draft

2009-09-18 21:10:54 Tree
[ededc7] by dmg

2009-09-18 <>

* doc/developmentPolicy.txt: Added file with a draft of a policy
for development of libpano

2009-09-18 21:03:43 Tree
[5b7fdf] by dmg

2009-09-18 <>

* doc/developmentPolicy.txt: Added file with a draft of a policy
for development of libpano

2009-09-18 21:03:15 Tree
[c1c61c] by dmg

009-09-18 <>

Patch submitted by Kornel Benko

* ptpicker.c: Casted some values in printf to avoid compiler

* CMakeLists.txt: As allways one has to call cmake
-DCPACK_BINARY_DEB:BOOL=ON to create a package (debian/ubuntu in
this example)

make package creates then the package libpano13-2.9.15-Linux.deb.
(Values automatically taken from The package will
install the header-files and the (shared) libpano13 library.

2009-09-18 20:13:51 Tree
[ec5d24] by jim0watters

Fix crash if script p line has n"TIFF_m" without any other options for tiff

2009-09-18 03:25:37 Tree
[4bd0a2] by jim0watters

correct the default value for tiltScale optVars to 0, like all optVars.

2009-09-17 21:27:20 Tree
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