libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[92a290] by tmodes

Add missing variables to format string

2013-12-08 10:17:38 Tree
[cba530] by tmodes

Fixes /* in comment

2013-12-08 10:17:13 Tree
[8fdc2b] by tmodes

Don't include \0 in format string

2013-12-08 10:16:48 Tree
[839d2e] by tmodes

Removed unused variables

2013-12-08 10:16:21 Tree
[84521e] by tmodes

[Mingw] Fix a compiler warning by implizit include of necessary header

2013-12-08 10:14:41 Tree
[30f4cb] by tmodes

Correct check for invalid resolutions in TIF files (spotted by dcb [1256972])

2013-12-08 09:11:52 Tree
[36d754] by thomas@Virtual

Fixes formating sequence for x86_64 [1184375]
Patch by Stefan Peter

2013-10-12 07:08:57 Tree
[0a44cb] by thomas@Virtual

Update psd references for 2.9.19

2013-10-12 07:07:43 Tree
[879f75] by thomas@Virtual

[CMake]: Copy necessary files for test

2013-10-12 07:06:50 Tree
[ce361a] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fix to build on OS X 10.6/10.8 (Matthieu Desile)

2013-05-14 18:44:47 Tree
[d3703d] by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fix some really out-of-date README text

2013-05-13 19:37:04 Tree
[04c52c] by tmodes

Fixes wrong calculation in triplane_erect

2013-04-12 16:56:04 Tree
[8ccb62] by

fix for removed .def files

2013-03-20 23:42:32 Tree
[3b87e4] by tmodes

[Windows] Use __declspec(dllexport) instead of modul definition file

Functions exported via modul definition file can't be
compared with function points (needed by nona gpu).
Function pointers works for functions exported with

2013-03-17 17:55:57 Tree
[4b9372] by tmodes

Moved test parameter 0 and 1 to Tpy and Tpr

2013-03-17 07:08:09 Tree
[253c1b] by tmodes

Bump version number

2013-03-17 07:06:20 Tree
[c2a40a] by tmodes

Update bootstrap for automake 1.12 (Patch by Terry Duell) [11561269]

2013-03-17 07:06:02 Tree
[b1e120] by tmodes

Fixes for architectural projection
* correctly report success of transformation
* check if values are in valid ranges

2013-03-16 07:38:29 Tree
[8bf958] by tmodes

Removed unused variables

2013-03-16 07:19:47 Tree
[531cd3] by tmodes

Added Hammer projection

2013-03-16 06:45:12 Tree
[6e390e] by tmodes

Prevent division by zero [791473]

2013-03-03 07:32:00 Tree
[1b78f7] by tmodes

Fixes a typo in version string

2013-03-03 07:31:17 Tree
[c25164] by tmodes

Fixes compilation with MinGW compiler

2013-03-03 07:30:58 Tree
[489ef3] by tmodes

Use mercurial instead of subversion in CMake build

2013-03-02 12:18:41 Tree
[e4a548] by tmodes

Fixes some typos

2013-03-02 12:14:32 Tree
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