libpano13 Log

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[91449a] by tksharpless

Improved soft squeeze (PaniniGeneral.c)

2010-02-16 20:11:32 Tree
[181a27] by brunopostle

Update SVN ChangeLog

2010-01-30 15:39:55 Tree
[f38e27] by brunopostle

Update man pages

2010-01-30 14:53:26 Tree
[20a76a] by brunopostle

Put .txt files in the tarball

2010-01-30 14:49:16 Tree
[5305fc] by dmg

bumped version

2010-01-30 07:29:35 Tree
[fd1fb5] by dmg

Avoid processing of T[xyz] code when values are zero

2010-01-30 06:59:05 Tree
[315c5f] by dmg

Avoid processing of T[xyz] code when values are zero

2010-01-30 06:52:49 Tree
[747f9d] by tksharpless

general Panini forward and reverse hard squeeze are now proper inverses (some small numerical discrepancies when d is near 1 need investigation).

2010-01-23 13:04:59 Tree
[22ab73] by tksharpless

Fixed 2 bugs in the forward squeeze code.
Further thanks to T Modes.

2010-01-19 19:20:15 Tree
[152595] by tksharpless

Add PaniniGeneral files to libpano.vcproj (the "Watters" VC project)
Add code for biplane and triplane dynamic fovs to queryfeature.c
Thanks to Thomas Modes for both patches

2010-01-19 15:35:46 Tree
[3a7492] by kornelbenko

Removed LICENSE.LGPL form CMakeLists.txt

2010-01-18 05:53:48 Tree
[d17898] by tksharpless

Changed PaniniGeneral license to BSD 3-clause

2010-01-18 02:14:32 Tree
[c017ac] by dmg

Bumped version one notch and added PaniniGeneral.h

2010-01-18 01:13:33 Tree
[dd3e46] by dmg

Removed LICENSE.LGPL and updated for new panini files

2010-01-17 23:26:23 Tree
[041d4c] by tksharpless

Default projection parameters and dynamic FOV limits API fixes
Define htons() macro in ColourBrightness.c only for MSVC compiles

2010-01-17 10:07:03 Tree
[42529d] by tksharpless

Install documentation expected by hugin Windows install script

2010-01-16 16:09:46 Tree
[3a9e0b] by tksharpless

Make the default install directory on Windows libpano13/ in the hugin SDK root

2010-01-16 15:27:01 Tree
[849a3b] by tksharpless

Add general panini sources to CMakeLists.txt
Add LGPL license text for PaniniGeneral

2010-01-16 14:15:08 Tree
[324658] by tksharpless

Add the reference implementation of General Pannini: PaniniGeneral.c, PaniniGeneral.h
Add function to query dynamic FOV limits
Make sys_win.h not assume a DLL build
define htons macro in ColourBrightness.c if undefined

2010-01-16 14:03:14 Tree
[56c6be] by tksharpless

MSVC projects updated
1) add property sheet LocalDefs.vsprops to define local environment symbols for all projects. Can be edited in MSVC to suit your system. Only one there now is WXWIDGETS_HOME.
2) exclude PTAinterpolate from builds, as it references writeProject() in ptpicker.c, which is already excluded from libpano.
3) correct puntuation in the linker properties for PTuncrop.

2010-01-13 19:40:05 Tree
[faf650] by tksharpless

Final adjustments to panini_general projection:
Corrected the transverse straightening (hard) squeeze.
Rescaled squeeze params to -100:100 with soft squeeze < 0 and hard squeeze > 0. Renamed params "Cmpr, Tops, Bots".

2010-01-12 22:15:34 Tree
[cc3ca5] by tksharpless

add squeezes to panini_general.
and supporting changes to adjust.c & filter.h

2010-01-11 17:54:57 Tree
[b58e96] by tksharpless

Limit actual hFOV for panini_general to max feasible

2010-01-11 16:57:34 Tree
[6decaa] by dmg

fixed the problem with the assert in query feature

2010-01-10 01:35:34 Tree
[8867fd] by dangelo

fix assert in queryfeature on 64 bit machines (again...)

2010-01-09 14:24:55 Tree
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