libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[b96efb] by brunopostle

close bugs #1236502 & #1599376 -lm required for libpng

2009-02-05 00:30:18 Tree
[92f918] by brunopostle

autotools cross-compile support, bug #2491104 (Diego E. Petteno)

2009-02-01 23:24:58 Tree
[9915a0] by dwilkins42

Put the tests subdirectory under autotools control. Ensure all files all in the dist tarball

2006-06-05 06:28:11 Tree
[4f866f] by dwilkins42

Small fixes for darwin platform

2005-05-04 07:15:31 Tree
[b2da35] by dwilkins42

Add initial support in autotools for the 64 bit linux platform. Remove default search paths

2005-01-12 08:03:39 Tree
[e2d2b0] by dwilkins42

Ensure maintainer-clean and distcheck targets work. Disable maintainer-mode in dist tarball.

2005-01-07 09:26:30 Tree
[31ff6d] by dwilkins42

Put only _really_ required includes in JAVA_FLAGS. Should fix problem on Debian with gcj.

2005-01-07 06:41:05 Tree
[1d2492] by dwilkins42

Fixes for build (cygwin now compiles, but need to add README.cygwin to explain how). Also add .cvsignore to doc subdir.

2004-11-23 19:43:16 Tree
[c8a481] by dwilkins42

Fixes for mingw and cygwin build. Note that cygwin build still has a few problems.

2004-11-22 19:24:54 Tree
[65ba95] by dwilkins42

Add cvs ignore files

2004-11-22 18:58:12 Tree
[73d97d] by dwilkins42

Update mac support in the build files

2004-11-10 09:46:25 Tree
[82a3da] by brunopostle

Add a path to find java on osx 10.1 (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-10 08:26:15 Tree
[1b080e] by brunopostle

small changes to allow for the sun java packaged by (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-09 18:04:40 Tree
[f903b9] by brunopostle

fixes to detect java libraries

2004-11-09 14:27:54 Tree
[bfcfe2] by brunopostle

Added new libtool, automake, autoconf build system. Needs testing on
various platforms.

2004-11-09 09:34:09 Tree