libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[a07dce] (413 Bytes) by dmg

2007-01-01 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.8

* parser.c (ParseScript): Added some comments to "z" option

* sys_ansi.c (PrintErrorIntern): Add an end-of-line if none is
provided (to increase readbility of PrintError, but only when
stdout is used)

* AUTHORS: Updated my own URL. Order them in lexicographical order
by lastname

* TODO: Updated file.

* ZComb.c (ZCOMBLOGFILENAME): Changed name of log file for Zcomb
to something more appropriate.

* ColourBrightness.c (CorrectImageColourBrigthness): Fixed some
compilation warnings

* tools/PTmasker.c (main): Added support for focus enhancing (z
option in the old PTstitch script)

2007-01-01 22:07:21 View
[35f549] (386 Bytes) by dangelo

added dmg and myself

2007-01-01 19:42:38 View
[f69e23] (331 Bytes) by dangelo

added stereographic, mercator, transverse mercator and sinusoidal projection.
Transverse mercator does not work properly yet. Modified all coordinate transform
functions to return if the transformation was possible. (Not used during stitching

2006-04-20 23:01:41 View
[93a916] (349 Bytes) by brunopostle

Allow applications to supply their own callback functions for error and
progress reporting. (Pablo d'Angelo)

2006-04-14 20:27:52 View
[8319df] (331 Bytes) by jim0watters

Do not process unchanged color channels for CA correction

2005-10-22 03:51:53 View
[515128] (300 Bytes) by jim0watters

update changes

2005-10-19 03:06:32 View
[bfcfe2] (246 Bytes) by brunopostle

Added new libtool, automake, autoconf build system. Needs testing on
various platforms.

2004-11-09 09:34:09 View

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