libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[7f34bf] by dwilkins42

use 64 bit clean types

2005-05-04 07:40:52 Tree
[8b9751] by dwilkins42

Correct data widths for 32/64 bit use

2005-05-04 07:26:29 Tree
[a531c2] by dwilkins42

Use floating point version of abs() to avoid conversion errors

2005-05-04 07:23:02 Tree
[1ead57] by dwilkins42

gcc 2.95 on ppc barfs if local variables defined late

2005-05-04 07:21:25 Tree
[af1652] by dwilkins42

Add panotypes.h header for 32/64 bit support

2005-05-04 07:17:16 Tree
[4f866f] by dwilkins42

Small fixes for darwin platform

2005-05-04 07:15:31 Tree
[f0d18d] by dwilkins42

Supress unused parameter warning on msvc.

2005-05-01 14:41:18 Tree
[fe36f5] by dwilkins42

Correct function declarations.

2005-05-01 14:36:17 Tree
[b879b4] by dwilkins42

Correct function declarations. remove unused local variables. Supress unused parameter warning on msvc.

2005-05-01 14:35:47 Tree
[de5d01] by dwilkins42

Update function declaration. Supress unused parameter warning on msvc

2005-05-01 14:33:39 Tree
[a08ab4] by dwilkins42

Remove redundant function declaration

2005-05-01 14:32:35 Tree
[a4f243] by dwilkins42

Update function declarations. Remove redundant function declarations. Supress unused parameter warnings on msvc

2005-05-01 14:31:48 Tree
[62a13d] by dwilkins42

Replace (char)255 with 0xFF so that msvc won't complain

2005-05-01 14:27:03 Tree
[5d478b] by dwilkins42

Initialise a few more variables.

2005-05-01 14:24:43 Tree
[10084a] by dwilkins42

Add one more function declaration

2005-05-01 14:23:51 Tree
[801052] by dwilkins42

Initialise variables. Correct typing error. Update function declaration

2005-05-01 14:23:13 Tree
[2b683e] by dwilkins42

Add note in queryfeature if java support is disabled

2005-04-30 18:55:27 Tree
[2e8ad6] by dwilkins42

Add msvc files to autotools

2005-04-30 17:40:28 Tree
[d6c31b] by dwilkins42

Add project file for msvc and support files

2005-04-30 16:44:12 Tree
[dec4b1] by dwilkins42

Fix cast-as-lvalue warning. Add function declarations. Ensure all variables initialised. Remove unused variables. Fix cast scope. Fix fprintf format string

2005-04-30 10:19:48 Tree
[ce4095] by dwilkins42

Correct sprintf format strings

2005-04-30 10:15:56 Tree
[912225] by dwilkins42

Correct function declarations. Remove unused variables. Remove redundant functions

2005-04-30 10:13:17 Tree
[d67d82] by dwilkins42

Remove unused variables. Comment out unused code

2005-04-30 10:10:52 Tree
[85e4d4] by dwilkins42

Ensure variables initialised. Fix cast scope

2005-04-30 10:07:52 Tree
[2c0fbc] by dwilkins42

Fix multi-character char const warning. Remove unused variables. Fix signed/unigned comparison warnings

2005-04-30 10:06:14 Tree
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