libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[7b807d] by brunopostle

The content of Copying.html from the original sources converted to text is
identical (apart from formatting) to

2003-12-14 18:21:02 Tree
[2579f6] by brunopostle

changed 'picker' to 'gpicker' (a namespace conflict?) (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 12:03:45 Tree
[e03014] by brunopostle

minor dialog text change (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 11:57:37 Tree
[666ae7] by brunopostle

mac specific changes to build using carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 11:25:28 Tree
[ad8dad] by brunopostle

Mac specific changes, mostly porting gui to carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 10:58:43 Tree
[e19029] by brunopostle

Extra files required for mac compilation as distributed by Helmut Dersch.

2003-12-12 17:32:07 Tree
[bc5b46] by brunopostle

Found two files in the macintosh sources that appear to be gtk+ dialog
boxes for a linux front-end, the more the merrier.

2003-12-12 17:27:27 Tree
[24e77f] by brunopostle

Makefile modifications to build with mingw2.0 (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 22:19:14 Tree
[930da6] by brunopostle

Reduce random luminance effect for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:05:27 Tree
[1d9428] by brunopostle

Fix to export psd files in a better way (Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:03:34 Tree
[26e651] by brunopostle

Feature to allow linking of roll, pitch and yaw parameters when optimising
(Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:01:13 Tree
[cd181c] by brunopostle

Fix for morph-to-fit that was causing intermittent crashes (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 21:58:42 Tree
[0b124b] by brunopostle

Feature to randomise brightness correction in photoshop plugin (Jim
Watters). Anchor brightness correction to narrowest dimension of the
source image rather than width for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).

2003-12-01 21:56:31 Tree
[4507ad] by brunopostle

Fix for BIGENDIAN namespace confict when compiling on Windows (Max Lyons).
Additional error messages when writing psd files (Max Lyons).

2003-12-01 21:50:21 Tree
[956995] by brunopostle

Feature to add 'are you sure' dialog on Windows when hitting cancel button
(Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 21:46:51 Tree
[fdb2ec] by brunopostle

Fix for memory problems on win95/98/me (Max Lyons). Feature to show
memory usage in Windows dialog box (Max Lyons).

2003-12-01 21:43:33 Tree
[14c81b] by brunopostle

Fix to bmp file output, bmp file dimensions need to be multiples of 4
(Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 21:40:52 Tree
[7e3865] by brunopostle

Straight-line control points feature added (Helmut Dersch). g and t shear
correction feature added (Helmut Dersch). 256 byte limit on script-file
line length extended (Max Lyons).

2003-12-01 21:38:00 Tree
[1807ac] by brunopostle

Modified CFLAGS to suit real location of linux java header files

2003-12-01 21:29:01 Tree
[45ac50] by brunopostle

Added two files needed to build on linux. sys_ansi.h was originally
missing from both the Windows and Linux sources, makefile.linux is the
Makefile copied from the Linux source tarball.

2003-12-01 21:18:02 Tree
[2a97a8] by brunopostle

Initial revision

2003-12-01 21:10:22 Tree

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