libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[777f5e] (4.3 kB) by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fixed the FSF address to make an rpmlint error go away...

2013-12-16 22:35:46 View
[c7051d] (4.2 kB) by jim0watters

Update trunk to be pano13. Create a name separation from pano12. Swepted many files. Updated version info.

2007-12-31 05:00:32 View
[fb179a] (4.2 kB) by dmg

2007-01-11 dmg <>

* version.h (VERSION), Upgraded to version 2.9.12

* tools/panoinfo_unix.c: Output features of panos.

* panorama.h, queryfeature.c: Added functions to query features of each pano
format as needed by hugin.

2007-01-11 09:01:35 View
[3e1034] (4.2 kB) by dmg

Updated panoinfo_unix and ChangeLog

2006-11-29 04:00:41 View
[1d1f4c] (4.2 kB) by jim0watters

Remove unused variables

2004-07-15 23:01:16 View
[c095d0] (4.3 kB) by jim0watters

Small application to test the query feature functions of pano12 library.

2004-05-30 01:30:50 View

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