libpano13 Log

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[777f5e] (2.3 kB) by Bruno Postle Bruno Postle

Fixed the FSF address to make an rpmlint error go away...

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[117fcb] (2.2 kB) by jim0watters

ColourBrightness.c, file.c, hdrfile.c, main.c, parser.c, PTcommon.c, ptstitch.c, tiff.c pttiff.h : Fixed many possible memory leaks with libpano.
PTblender.c, PTmasker.c, PTmender.h, PTroller.c: Fixed many possible memory leaks for the tools.

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[8c18fe] (2.2 kB) by dmg

2006-04-10 dmg <>

* toos/README.PTmender: updated it.

* tools/PTmender.h: removed some prototypes from the file that
belong now to PTcommon.h

* tools/PTmender.c: added support for flattening tiffs (including,
by extension, JPG and PNG support).

* tools/PTcommon.h: moved pt_tiff_parms into it, moved some
prototypes from tools/PTmender.h

* tools/PTcommon.c: Added blending of TIFFs into a single
one. JPG creation.

* tools/PTblender.c: added JPG creation.

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[fd8859] (2.3 kB) by maxlyons

Moving declaration of InsertFileName.
Adding TIFFTAGs for full image width/length (in case not present in tiff.h)

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[1fc47e] (2.0 kB) by dmg

2006-01-23 dmg <>

* PTblender.c (main): There was an extra colon in the spec of the
command line options (reported by josh at joshdoe com)

* PTcommon.c (SetBestAlphaChannel8bits): Fixed minor bug.

2006-01-20 dmg <>

* (bin_PROGRAMS): Added PTtiff2psd.

* PTblender.c (main): Freed pointers. Added call to
VerifyTiffsAreCompatible. Added include to PTcommon.h

* PTmender.h: Moved quietFlag from this one to PTcommon.h

* PTmender.c: Added include to PTcommon.h, extracted CreatePSD,
and CreateStitchingMasks.

* PTtiff2psd.c: Created program.

* PTcommon.h (VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): Created file, added

* PTcommon.c (VerifyTiffsAreCompatible): Created file, and added
function. Moved CreatePSD and CreateStitchingMasks from PTmender.c.

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[80ab73] (2.1 kB) by dmg

005-12-24 dmg <>

* Removed -Wall from make process

* PTmender.c (main): Fixed 3 bugs.
(CreatePanorama): Fixed 2 bugs

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[e6e751] (2.1 kB) by dmg

2005-12-22 dmg <>

* PTmender.h: Renamed Unknown09 to

* PTmender.c (Clear_Area_Outside_Selected_Region): Created
function. This completes all the functions needed for

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[f018eb] (2.0 kB) by dmg

2005-12-21 dmg <>

* PTmender.h (InsertFileName): added prototype.

* (PTmender_LDADD): We now require the tiff library too.
(AM_CFLAGS): Added -Wall. I need to catch _any_ potential error.

* PTmender.c, PTmender.h (ARGtoRGBAImage): Renamed Unknown08 to
ARGtoRGBAImage and implemented it.

2005-12-21 23:38:34 View
[ab6177] (1.9 kB) by dmg

renamed ptmender.h to PTmender.h

2005-12-21 12:38:00 View