libpano13 Log

Commit Date  
[bca940] (16.6 kB) by brunopostle

Fix vague licensing, bug #1877526 (Cyril Brulebois)

2009-02-01 23:15:33 View
[ebced6] (16.4 kB) by jim0watters

removed warning suppression from MSVC project builds
swept many files to remove compiler warnings.

2007-12-28 23:52:18 View
[867aa9] (16.4 kB) by jim0watters

Updated to build with MSVC project file. Fixed build errors and warnings. increased version to 2.8.5pre15

2006-11-13 06:33:23 View
[fbdfd0] (16.4 kB) by dangelo

previous commit errornously replaced #include <stdlib.h> with malloc.h.
revert to #include <stdlib.h>

2006-04-21 07:00:21 View
[f69e23] (16.4 kB) by dangelo

added stereographic, mercator, transverse mercator and sinusoidal projection.
Transverse mercator does not work properly yet. Modified all coordinate transform
functions to return if the transformation was possible. (Not used during stitching

2006-04-20 23:01:41 View
[38b7ce] (16.4 kB) by dmg

2006-04-09 dmg <>

* rgbe.c: Replaced #include <malloc.h> with <stdlib.h> to avoid
MacOS compilation error

2006-04-09 23:07:38 View
[60ac88] (16.4 kB) by brunopostle

Support for radiance 32bit float .hdr files (Thomas Rauscher)

2006-02-27 22:32:50 View

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