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[6208cc] by jim0watters

Rik Littlefield's Improved optimizer. Better. Faster. Stronger.
The method used here is a hybrid of two optimization strategies. In the first strategy, fcnPano is configured to return one function per control point, that function being total distance without regard for direction. In the second strategy, fcnPano is configured to return two functions per control point, those functions being distance in two directions, typically longitude and latitude.

2004-05-30 01:18:10 Tree
[afdca8] by brunopostle

Partially working OS X makefile. This creates a statically linkable .a
archive that can be used to build a working PTOptimizer like so:
make -f makefile.osx && cd tools && gcc -o PTOptimizer -I.. -L/sw/lib -L.. -ljpeg -ltiff -lpano12 PTOptimizer.c

2004-05-03 11:56:45 Tree
[3713a9] by jim0watters

Radial Shift, when colors channels have different values and d is > 1 would give incorrect results around the edge of the image

2004-03-18 02:06:00 Tree
[3c06d3] by jim0watters

Fix odd size PSD files and reading multilayer PSD files

2003-12-30 16:41:38 Tree
[a74d76] by jim0watters

Fix return, for compile warning.

2003-12-30 16:17:42 Tree
[a7f6b7] by brunopostle

Files somehow got converted to DOS format, fixed

2003-12-30 10:37:48 Tree
[2a563d] by brunopostle

Initial commit, this is intended to be a drop-in replacement for the
binary-only PTOptimizer, seems to work.

2003-12-20 11:51:46 Tree
[c10b9a] by bret_mckee

Changes to get ptools to compile under windows:
- Makefile modified to build the supporing libraries if they are present
- pano12.def - removed comments which were causing syntax errors
- resample.c - change a reference to an undefined (and dangerous looking) function to sprintf

2003-12-20 00:04:37 Tree
[27ec55] by brunopostle

Mac specific changes related to file paths (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-16 21:56:15 Tree
[fe8232] by brunopostle

Two new functions: MyMakePano and MyTransForm are PTMac specific
(Kekus Digital)

2003-12-16 21:16:46 Tree
[720274] by brunopostle

These instructions are out-of-date (Helmut Dersch)

2003-12-14 18:32:41 Tree
[7b807d] by brunopostle

The content of Copying.html from the original sources converted to text is
identical (apart from formatting) to

2003-12-14 18:21:02 Tree
[2579f6] by brunopostle

changed 'picker' to 'gpicker' (a namespace conflict?) (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 12:03:45 Tree
[e03014] by brunopostle

minor dialog text change (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 11:57:37 Tree
[666ae7] by brunopostle

mac specific changes to build using carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 11:25:28 Tree
[ad8dad] by brunopostle

Mac specific changes, mostly porting gui to carbon (Kekus Digital)

2003-12-13 10:58:43 Tree
[e19029] by brunopostle

Extra files required for mac compilation as distributed by Helmut Dersch.

2003-12-12 17:32:07 Tree
[bc5b46] by brunopostle

Found two files in the macintosh sources that appear to be gtk+ dialog
boxes for a linux front-end, the more the merrier.

2003-12-12 17:27:27 Tree
[24e77f] by brunopostle

Makefile modifications to build with mingw2.0 (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 22:19:14 Tree
[930da6] by brunopostle

Reduce random luminance effect for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:05:27 Tree
[1d9428] by brunopostle

Fix to export psd files in a better way (Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:03:34 Tree
[26e651] by brunopostle

Feature to allow linking of roll, pitch and yaw parameters when optimising
(Jim Watters)

2003-12-01 22:01:13 Tree
[cd181c] by brunopostle

Fix for morph-to-fit that was causing intermittent crashes (Max Lyons)

2003-12-01 21:58:42 Tree
[0b124b] by brunopostle

Feature to randomise brightness correction in photoshop plugin (Jim
Watters). Anchor brightness correction to narrowest dimension of the
source image rather than width for photoshop plugin (Jim Watters).

2003-12-01 21:56:31 Tree
[4507ad] by brunopostle

Fix for BIGENDIAN namespace confict when compiling on Windows (Max Lyons).
Additional error messages when writing psd files (Max Lyons).

2003-12-01 21:50:21 Tree
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