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[602de5] by brunopostle

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2004-11-16 09:08:51 Tree
[347f80] by brunopostle

Added updated documentation for PTStitcher and PTOptimizer.

2004-11-16 09:03:57 Tree
[18591b] by brunopostle

Updated for release

2004-11-16 08:31:03 Tree
[7cd49f] by jim0watters

Official release, Updated to version

2004-11-16 06:08:41 Tree
[f5c9b5] by jim0watters

Fix small memory leak, as reported by Pablo d'Angelo

2004-11-16 05:58:39 Tree
[73d97d] by dwilkins42

Update mac support in the build files

2004-11-10 09:46:25 Tree
[60365e] by brunopostle

Stop configure when it can't find libjpeg, zlib, libtiff, libpng or java (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-10 08:32:33 Tree
[551bef] by brunopostle

Allow out of tree builds. Remove an unnecessary osx hack.

2004-11-10 08:29:45 Tree
[82a3da] by brunopostle

Add a path to find java on osx 10.1 (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-10 08:26:15 Tree
[1b080e] by brunopostle

small changes to allow for the sun java packaged by (Douglas Wilkins)

2004-11-09 18:04:40 Tree
[d1c54b] by brunopostle

Fixes to build on osx, though not ideal.

2004-11-09 16:49:53 Tree
[f903b9] by brunopostle

fixes to detect java libraries

2004-11-09 14:27:54 Tree
[e58f37] by brunopostle

Add AM_LDFLAGS=-L.. so the tools can link to the just-built library

2004-11-09 14:10:58 Tree
[a2dc45] by brunopostle

allow older versions of autoconf

2004-11-09 14:02:20 Tree
[7d6279] by brunopostle

Add some likely include paths for building on a mac

2004-11-09 14:01:50 Tree
[bfcfe2] by brunopostle

Added new libtool, automake, autoconf build system. Needs testing on
various platforms.

2004-11-09 09:34:09 Tree
[07575c] by brunopostle

Renamed Makefile as it would be clobbered by upcoming automake build system.
Renamed files with spaces as they confuse make. Modified README files as

2004-11-08 19:35:10 Tree
[ba1d80] by jim0watters

Turned on JPEG optimization - disable in script file

2004-10-15 16:28:22 Tree
[ad542e] by jim0watters

Official release, Updated to version

2004-10-07 15:06:34 Tree
[16d389] by jim0watters

Unix version of PanoInfo

2004-09-27 06:32:10 Tree
[55b81d] by jim0watters

Updated to new version - rc1

2004-09-27 06:26:52 Tree
[8a3b28] by jim0watters

Updated fastTransform - removed bugs

2004-09-27 06:25:17 Tree
[131bee] by jim0watters

disable warnings for unknown tags for TIFF files

2004-09-27 06:22:31 Tree
[334bfe] by jim0watters

Fix asserts with Microsoft compilers

2004-09-27 06:20:23 Tree
[59e197] by jim0watters

Reduce the number of times the status bar gets updated. From every 5 lines to every 2%. Speed increase using plugin from 4:30 down to 1:30 with 5000 pixel high image

2004-09-22 19:59:25 Tree
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