libpano13 Log

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[56c6be] (10.3 kB) by tksharpless

MSVC projects updated
1) add property sheet LocalDefs.vsprops to define local environment symbols for all projects. Can be edited in MSVC to suit your system. Only one there now is WXWIDGETS_HOME.
2) exclude PTAinterpolate from builds, as it references writeProject() in ptpicker.c, which is already excluded from libpano.
3) correct puntuation in the linker properties for PTuncrop.

2010-01-13 19:40:05 View
[26c4fa] (10.2 kB) by jim0watters

Update the Visual Studio projects and solutions
Resolved issue of libpano always recompiling all files even when no source files changed.
Resolved issue of builds use the same names for temporary files, this causes a file in use error on a multicore machines.
Add pano13.lib as a dependency in the tool projects

2010-01-05 22:14:03 View
[ab0eb1] (9.6 kB) by dmg

rebased changes from Jim, except ansi_sys.c

2009-11-12 04:12:26 View
[5136a5] (7.6 kB) by dmg

reverting to revisions 1118 due to compilation errors

2009-11-10 22:33:19 View
[aa925a] (9.6 kB) by jim0watters

Updated Visual Studio Solution and Project files for building libpano and all the tools.

2009-11-08 03:09:24 View
[5f8c6e] (7.6 kB) by jim0watters

Update solution and project files to build MSWin binaries for either Windows or command prompt. Allows same source code to be used for command line tools and Photoshop plug-ins.

2008-01-16 08:11:45 View
[7211ca] (4.3 kB) by jim0watters

Add resource file to provide version info for each of the helper tools. Updated project file to include resource. Did not try to update make file. TODO: Update make file to include resource files

2007-12-31 01:08:38 View
[ebced6] (4.2 kB) by jim0watters

removed warning suppression from MSVC project builds
swept many files to remove compiler warnings.

2007-12-28 23:52:18 View
[9fed6f] (4.3 kB) by dangelo

make trunk buildable with MSVC 2003. Instructions at:

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