libpano13 Log

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[536a6e] by dmg

2010-04-27 dmg <>

* jpeg.c: Removed dependency from file which was braking build
for some Windows people. The change seems to be harmless under
Linux. Reported by Volker Grabsch.

2010-04-27 16:50:02 Tree
[d4c9be] by brunopostle

Update ChangeLog.svn

2010-04-24 22:42:27 Tree
[21287b] by brunopostle

Add some files to tarball

2010-04-24 22:35:18 Tree
[045aab] by kornelbenko

Cannot install non-existant file

2010-04-11 10:46:49 Tree
[8cbe2a] by brunopostle

Comment-out some debug verbosity

2010-04-10 21:29:11 Tree
[e88656] by dmg

Added compare images

2010-04-05 17:08:29 Tree
[ac5aaf] by dmg

we now have equisolid and stereographic input lenses

2010-03-29 03:31:51 Tree
[91449a] by tksharpless

Improved soft squeeze (PaniniGeneral.c)

2010-02-16 20:11:32 Tree
[181a27] by brunopostle

Update SVN ChangeLog

2010-01-30 15:39:55 Tree
[f38e27] by brunopostle

Update man pages

2010-01-30 14:53:26 Tree
[20a76a] by brunopostle

Put .txt files in the tarball

2010-01-30 14:49:16 Tree
[5305fc] by dmg

bumped version

2010-01-30 07:29:35 Tree
[fd1fb5] by dmg

Avoid processing of T[xyz] code when values are zero

2010-01-30 06:59:05 Tree
[315c5f] by dmg

Avoid processing of T[xyz] code when values are zero

2010-01-30 06:52:49 Tree
[747f9d] by tksharpless

general Panini forward and reverse hard squeeze are now proper inverses (some small numerical discrepancies when d is near 1 need investigation).

2010-01-23 13:04:59 Tree
[22ab73] by tksharpless

Fixed 2 bugs in the forward squeeze code.
Further thanks to T Modes.

2010-01-19 19:20:15 Tree
[152595] by tksharpless

Add PaniniGeneral files to libpano.vcproj (the "Watters" VC project)
Add code for biplane and triplane dynamic fovs to queryfeature.c
Thanks to Thomas Modes for both patches

2010-01-19 15:35:46 Tree
[3a7492] by kornelbenko

Removed LICENSE.LGPL form CMakeLists.txt

2010-01-18 05:53:48 Tree
[d17898] by tksharpless

Changed PaniniGeneral license to BSD 3-clause

2010-01-18 02:14:32 Tree
[c017ac] by dmg

Bumped version one notch and added PaniniGeneral.h

2010-01-18 01:13:33 Tree
[dd3e46] by dmg

Removed LICENSE.LGPL and updated for new panini files

2010-01-17 23:26:23 Tree
[041d4c] by tksharpless

Default projection parameters and dynamic FOV limits API fixes
Define htons() macro in ColourBrightness.c only for MSVC compiles

2010-01-17 10:07:03 Tree
[42529d] by tksharpless

Install documentation expected by hugin Windows install script

2010-01-16 16:09:46 Tree
[3a9e0b] by tksharpless

Make the default install directory on Windows libpano13/ in the hugin SDK root

2010-01-16 15:27:01 Tree
[849a3b] by tksharpless

Add general panini sources to CMakeLists.txt
Add LGPL license text for PaniniGeneral

2010-01-16 14:15:08 Tree
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