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+++ b/PaniniGeneral.h
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+/* PaniniGeneral.h		15Jan2010 TKS
+This is the reference implementation of the General Pannini
+Projection, an elaboration of the basic Pannini projection 
+discovered by Bruno Postle and Thomas Sharpless in December 
+2008 in paintings by Gian Paolo Pannini (1691-1765).
+    (C) copyright 2010 Thomas K Sharpless
+Free license is hereby granted for noncommercial use
+under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License 
+version 2.1 as published by the Free Software Foundation 
+and appearing in the file LICENSE.LGPL included in the
+packaging of this file.  Please review the following 
+information to ensure the requirementsGeneral of the GNU Lesser 
+General Public License version 2.1 will be met: 
+It is a parameterized mapping between sphere and plane, 
+that gives synthetic perspective views on the plane when
+the sphere holds a linear projection of the scene.  Sphere 
+coordinates (phi, theta) are equirectangular: longitude and 
+latitude angles, in radians, relative to a point on the equator.
+Plane coordinates (h, v) are relative to the image of the same
+point, typically but not necessarily the center point of
+the view.  The plane y coordinate is negative upward, as is
+typical in image processing software.
+There are 3 parameters:
+  d [0:infinity) controls horizontal compression
+  t [-1:1] controls vertical compression at top
+  b [-1:1] controls vertical compression at bottom
+There are functions to map cooridnates in either direction
+and one to compute the maximum feasible field of view of the
+plane image, given a d value and the projection angle limit
+of your display system.  
+Angles passed to and returned by panini_general_maxVAs() 
+are max view angles (half-FOVs) in radians.
+All 3 functions return an integer: 0: failure, 1: OK.
+Computed coordinates and FOVs are returned in arguments
+passed by address.
+int panini_general_toPlane	( double phi, double theta, 
+							  double* h,  double* v, 
+							  double d, double t, double b
+							 );
+int panini_general_toSphere	( double* phi, double* theta, 
+							  double  h,  double  v, 
+							  double d, double t, double b
+							 );
+int panini_general_maxVAs	( double d, 
+							  double maxProj,
+							  double * maxView
+							 );