libpano13 Log

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[0ed11c] by dmg dmg

Refactored system dependent code

2011-03-04 00:30:40 Tree
[a2fdc9] by Jim Watters

Fix timezone in PSDPICTResource

%z and %Z in strftime produces a alpha string need a numeric string.
Fix some sign unsign warnings

2011-03-03 18:54:41 Tree
[61011f] by dmg dmg

cherry picked 721 from PhotoshopPSB to default

2011-03-03 09:30:54 Tree
[e881eb] by dmg dmg

Added TAGS file creation, undid removal of hugin-related paths.

2011-03-03 09:24:06 Tree
[5ce79b] by dmg dmg

Ported code to write name of writing program

2011-03-03 08:44:41 Tree
[d284d6] by dmg dmg

moved test files for PSD

2011-03-03 08:21:00 Tree
[8fbc76] by dmg dmg

removed unnecessary and duplicated data types

2011-03-03 08:15:53 Tree
[0a87db] by dmg dmg

Added more files to ignore to .hgignore

2011-03-03 07:12:28 Tree
[02384d] by dmg dmg

Added more files to ignore to .hgignore

2011-03-03 07:11:03 Tree
[70b2af] by dmg dmg

Added some files to ignore to .hgignore

2011-03-03 07:05:49 Tree
[7d932f] by dmg dmg

width and height should always be unsigned

2011-03-03 06:59:03 Tree
[0a526e] by dmg dmg

Removed the use of pt_int* data types, which are redundant and not consistently used

2011-03-03 06:49:07 Tree
[4000b5] by dmg dmg

Fixed compiler warnings and cleanup some conditional compilation code

2011-03-03 06:03:55 Tree
[a70ba2] by dmg dmg

Renamed libpano to default

2011-03-03 03:45:06 Tree
[daf735] by Jim Watters

correct some Linux errors and warnings.

2011-03-02 22:59:26 Tree
[7dea16] by Jim Watters

Clean up, untabulate, and beautify code

2011-03-02 19:22:06 Tree
[755c1f] by Jim Watters

Add panoCreateLayeredPSD

Create a PSD file from a bunch of tiffs in one go without inserting each layer
one at a time.

2011-03-02 04:17:54 Tree
[19c2bd] by Jim Watters

Simplify the calculation of layer length

2011-02-26 02:38:28 Tree
[15df50] by Jim Watters


2011-02-26 01:56:23 Tree
[28033b] by Jim Watters

By default PANO_TEST_INVERSE should be commented out

2011-02-24 20:34:15 Tree
[654568] by Jim Watters

untablify and beautify code

2011-02-24 20:25:09 Tree
[1c9ce5] by Jim Watters

Update test images with new PICT record for PTtiff2PSD

2011-02-24 18:41:49 Tree
[1a989d] by Jim Watters


2011-02-24 02:45:14 Tree
[00a141] by Jim Watters

Update PICT Resource

Added more info to the PICT resource

2011-02-23 21:56:14 Tree
[3d46ba] by Jim Watters

Fix PICT Resource

PICT now displays correctly with Photoshop and Exiftool

2011-02-23 18:25:28 Tree
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